Sick Haitian girl gets help from govt.



Taranique Thurston, the 15-year-old stateless girl with a brain cyst, is on her way to getting the life-saving surgery she needs, according to family members, after government stepped in to assist.

Nearly two weeks after Eyewitness News broke Thurston’s story, her mother Ginette Caity said yesterday that the government has issued the young girl temporary travel documents and also claims that the government will pay for all of their travel expenses.

Eyewitness News spoke to Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell who said, that after seeing the girl’s plea, he contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that the government was not preventing Thurston from receiving the surgery she needs.

While he helped the family obtain their travel documents, Campbell said, he does not know anything about her mother’s claims that the government is paying for all of their travel expenses.


Thank God your still alive my God i apologize for my bahamain people that give negative remarks we dont know when we will need a helping hand this a child regardless nationality Jesus Lord have mercy on them wow

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