It really is time for change

Writing about the necessity of change, Fikayo Adeyemo, President of Precepts of Life Ministry, Inc. noted that change is one of the fundamental principles of created life. He proposed that change was ordained by the Almighty himself as the path to growth and survival. Adeyemo notes: “Unfortunately, the problem is that we only pay lip […]

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Crying the beloved country? Dry the tears, set about saving what’s left

Are you crying about the state of our country today? You might be excused because there is a lot going on that’s worth a sea of tears. The gun is gaining a terrible imperium in our capital, obviously determined that a river of blood will become the insignia of its rule. How many vigils do […]

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Saving MV Bahamas economy

Batten down the hatches, Bahamians! Today, our fiscal ship finds itself in grave danger. Burdened by a heavy cargo of national debt, MV Bahamas Economy is struggling to stay afloat in a sea-churning hurricane born out of years of wrong-headed navigation by captain and crews using faulty planning maps and integrity compasses, broken by self-interest. […]

About the author: Patricia Glinton-Meicholas

Bahamian-born Patricia Glinton-Meicholas is a poet, author, a respected researcher in Bahamian folklore, art, culture and history and a former member of the University of The Bahamas faculty and administration. She was the first winner of the Bahamas Cacique Award for Writing and recipient of a Silver Jubilee of Independence Medal for Literature. Her latest […]

New definitions for a progressive people & nation

The Bahamian economy has “turned the corner”, so say the experts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in their 2018 Country Report. As a part of this uptick, IMF points to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ administration, which “has committed to tackling fiscal and structural challenges as central tenets of its agenda.”  Moreover, “near-term economic prospects […]