Change: A Dirty Word in The Bahamas

One of the dirtiest cuss words to Bahamian ears is change. For as long as I can remember, speaking the word within earshot of Bahamians and you will would get the scalded cat reaction—loud shrieking and a lightning fast dash to escape. Recently, though, my people have accepted two new notions with alacrity— protest and […]

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Time to Flex Brains Instead of Muscles

I have created a new collective noun for the dictionaries—a conspiracy of Bahamian unions. Just when I thought I could rest my pen for a moment, I learned that an alphabet soup of labour unions—the BNU, CPSA, BDU, BUT, UTEB, BIMAWU, BCPOU, BCPMU, BHCAWU—have donned boxing gloves, threatening to go the full rounds in the ring with […]

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The new NHI Scheme Part 2

BCCEC echoes assessment in the first installment Opposition response misses the big issues Wealthy will avoid paying their fair share, again   Not long after the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) extend the consultation period on the newly proposed National Health Insurance policy, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) lobbed a press […]

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Let there be light: Remove the covers from traditional areas of darkness

“Lord, lighten our darkness” is the prayer of many a householder and business owner in New Providence these days. We have to worry about many things electrical. We fret about coming home after work, flicking that all-important light switch and hearing what sounds suspiciously like a snigger of contempt coming back at us, when we […]

Cutting down trees to create a forest

In the past few weeks, the headlines of the major Bahamian newspapers have been dominated by evidence of a chronically disgruntled populace and an increasingly dysfunctional economy and society. Consider the following: “Why So Little Aid And Why So Late?: Year From Irma, Islanders Insist Govt Does More” “Wilchcombe: Gaming operators being victimized” “Komolafe: Affordable […]

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