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Real Estate of Mind

REAL ESTATE OF MIND: Borrowing? Go to the Principal

The warning in Shakespeare’s Hamlet “neither a borrower nor a lender be” was aimed at keeping money and friendship at... read more »

Real Estate of Mind

REAL ESTATE OF MIND: Beware the kitchen triangle

Praise the good triangle, steer clear of the bad  Common sense tells us to steer clear of the romantic triangle,... read more »

Real Estate of Mind

REAL ESTATE OF MIND: Never make an offer on a Friday

Early in my real estate career, a prominent Buyer said this is how he learned to buy real estate. His... read more »

Real Estate of Mind

REAL ESTATE OF MIND: Don’t forget about closet space

One thing men and women can agree on – there’s never enough closet space. No one ever seems to have... read more »

Real Estate of Mind

REAL ESTATE OF MIND: Transportation gets an economy in gear

Businessman, investor and real estate veteran Mario Carey shares thoughts on the economy, lifestyle, environment and The Bahamas of the... read more »


Storm Expected to Hit Southern Bahamas Thursday

Tropical Storm Dorian is expected to hit South Eastern Bahamas late Thursday night and then New Providence early Saturday morning,... read more »

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Some Carlton Francis teachers threaten sit-out over principal

Director of education urged teachers to work out their differences NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Despite being a week away from the... read more »


Hundreds reach out to Gomez for BPL class action

Persistent load shedding has struck NP for months, amid a 40-megawatt generation shortfall NASSAU, BAHAMAS — An estimated 300 people... read more »


Miller to govt: pay up for BPL fix

Former BEC chairman says replacement engines could cost $70 mil. NASSAU, BAHAMAS — As the government commits to sparing no... read more »


Some businesses say workers’ productivity too low to increase minimum wage

BCCEC: Debate on minimum wage must be considered holistically NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The debate surrounding minimum wage and whether it... read more »


Bahamians hesitant to go green

SuperGreen Solutions says there is a lack of incentives for energy consumers NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamians would be less apprehensive... read more »


Bowe: Steady unemployment decline requires 4-5 per cent growth in economy

More frequent labour force data required to provide real snapshot NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The 1.2 per cent drop in unemployment... read more »


Five men shot in two incidents

Authorities say evidence does not suggest shooting are related NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Five people were shot in New Providence on... read more »


D’Aguillar: Govt. will review Compass Point matter

Compass Point threatens close its doors and sent its 60 employees home NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar... read more »


Local farmers being prepared for international business

Some farmers maintain local environment remains tough NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Vying to maintain their position in local and international business,... read more »


Some Bahamians welcome more women in politics

PLP: election candidates to comprise of 30-40 percent women. NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Several Bahamians agreed yesterday that increased participation of... read more »


Hanna-Martin: More women to run on election ticket

PLP pledges 30-40 percent of candidates will be women.  NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has pledged that women... read more »


Some voters unenthused by political prospects

Others suggest voter apathy NASSAU, BAHAMAS — With the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) national convention wrapped up and the Free... read more »


Pensioner alleges medication error

The matter is under review, PHA says NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Virginia Delevaux, 76, yesterday alleged that she was prescribed the... read more »


Mixed reaction to Miss Bahamas contestants

Pageant organizers say teaser video poorly portrayed contestants   NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Amid criticisms from some quarters of the public... read more »