Reconstruction of High Rock Community Clinic on GB begins

Reconstruction of High Rock Community Clinic on GB begins
Modular health services units on Grand Bahama. (PHOTO: PHA)

GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS — Reconstruction of the High Rock Community Clinic on Grand Bahama began yesterday ahead of an ambitious deadline to restore the clinic in one month.

The High Rock Community Clinic was decimated during the catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane Dorian in early September 2019. Build Health International, in conjunction with Direct Relief, another philanthropic US-based organization, will undertake the project of reconstructing the High Rock Community Clinic.

Modular health services units on Grand Bahama. (PHOTOS: PHA)

On March 17, 2021 seven modular units were delivered to the clinic site to prepare for the reconstruction rollout.

Joe Rodgers of Build Health International, who oversaw the delivery of the prefabricated units, described the mission of his company.

“Build Health International is a non-profit entity whose guiding principle is to partner with organizations around the world committed to strengthening the public healthcare system so that every person, regardless of ability to pay, has access to care,” he said.

Direct Relief has supported Grand Bahama Health Services in its restoration efforts since the passage of Hurricane Dorian. This includes donation of a modular Urgent Care Operating Theatre attached to the Rand Memorial Hospital’s Accident & Emergency Room in an official handover ceremony held December 2, 2020.

Modular health services units on Grand Bahama.

Grand Bahama Health Services Administrator Sharon A Williams said: “We are grateful to be working with these donors in this recovery effort for the East Grand Bahama Community.

“At the conclusion of this effort, we will be blessed with a facility that is significantly advanced beyond what we had previously. This will enable us to expand our healthcare programmes within this community, inclusive of a dental suite, which was lacking in our previous facility.”

It is estimated that construction will be completed within four weeks after the commencement date.