Haitian student faces college dilemma



Johnson Davilma, who recently graduated as the valedictorian of Doris Johnson High School and was accepted by a number of colleges receiving several partial scholarships, may not be able to attend college due to issues with his citizenship.

Davilma, who wanted to travel abroad to become an actuary, may not realize that dream, as he was born to illegal Haitian parents.

That, coupled with not having stable finances, has created a major hurdle for the teen who said he just wants to pursue his dreams.

Davilma cannot utilize the scholarship opportunities provided by the government because of his immigration status and he is also too young to apply for citizenship.

He is now asking anyone who will listen to provide him with some assistance to help him make it to school abroad.


This report was compiled by GINELLE LONGLEY, Eyewitness News intern.


Praying u make it bcuz I I’m having the same issues I was suppose to play basketball for a school but no citizenship no school and trust me when u make it the Bahamas is going to get all the credit

I apployed people who try to make there self somebody but I can’t understand y do people allow themself to come in a foreign country knowing full well they r not straight n make it hard for there kids to pursue there holds

Can to trust GOD hope you continue to strive and move forward I really hope that those who can assist would do so as well as government officials would look into this matter to resolve this matter

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