Cybersecurity, a risk to all board of directors

By Derek Smith Jr There are arguably two prominent problems with cybersecurity governance – the misrepresentation of cybersecurity risk at... read more »


Op-Ed: The urgency of transforming Caribbean tourism

By Therese Turner-Jones World Tourism Day, celebrated on Sept. 27, comes at a sobering time for the Caribbean. Travel is... read more »


Op-Ed: Ongoing investment in education is a sacred obligation

By Joseph Darville, former Grand Bahama Catholic High School principal First of all, I would like to address the expression... read more »


Op-Ed: Do Bahamians get their money’s worth from their leaders?

By Nicole Burrows A commenter recently posited the following on a local news agency’s website, regarding statements made by the... read more »


Op-Ed: Legalizing marijuana in The Bahamas

By Bryant Lowe The legalization of cannabis has, for a long time, been a controversial topic in The Bahamas, and... read more »


Op-Ed: Effie Walkes’ 21st Century lessons

By Allyson Maynard-Gibson When Effie Walkes passed away last week, The Bahamas lost a freedom fighter and someone who sacrificially... read more »


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Op-Ed: Shell remains committed to LNG-to-power project and Bahamas

By Markus Hector, General Manager, Market Development, Shell LNG Marketing and Trading We are living in a crisis of uncertainty.... read more »


Op-Ed: The push to survive – weathering more than one type of storm

By Lazar Delorenzo Charlton As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with this seemingly endless Covid-19 rollercoaster, now... read more »


Op-Ed: The Twin Crime Towers – Money Laundering & Fraud

By Derek Smith Jr As we plot our way through the mid-point of the first year of a new decade,... read more »


Op-Ed: Public Emergency, Fundamental Rights & Parliamentary Oversight

By Alfred M. Sears, QC In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in The Bahamas, the unintended expiration of the... read more »


Op-Ed: Coronavirus – the Caribbean is the first domino to fall, but there is hope

By David Gumbs, James Fletcher and Justin Locke The global economy is on lockdown and the predictions are staggering. And,... read more »


Op-Ed: Race, Power and Privilege

By Christopher Curry PhD  The death of George Floyd in the US has ignited a movement that aims to challenge... read more »


Op-Ed: Rooted in the Struggle for Dignity, Justice and Equality

From The President, Faculty, Students and Staff, University of The Bahamas. The vivid images of protestors in the United States... read more »


Op-Ed: Marcus, Martin, and Minneapolis

By Sir Hilary Beckles, Vice-Chancellor of The UWI, President of Universities Caribbean, and Chairman of the CARICOM Reparations Commission Martin... read more »


Op-Ed: The Vaccine – Part 2

By Sebas Bastian If you are an avid sports fan and study how your favorite game is played, it’s likely... read more »


Op-Ed: Is Covid-19 a breeding room for corruption?

By Derek Smith Jr Corruption and bribery risk by all indications increase during crisis. Over the past decade, a sustained... read more »


Op-Ed: COVID-19 Rebirth and Call to Action – Foreign Policy Pivot

In the series, Rebirth and Call to Action, Attorney Alfred Sears, QC, looks at ways to expand Bahamian entrepreneurship and... read more »


Op-Ed: EU blacklist – a threat or an opportunity?

By Derek Smith Jr Life is about perspective and so is business. There were various public comments denouncing the European... read more »


Op-Ed: The push to survive – keeping your small business relevant amid economic crisis

By Lazar Delorenzo Charlton The entire Bahamian populous is currently feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but none more... read more »


Op-ed: The Vaccine (Part 1)

By Sebas Bastian Within the last seven months, I have had the unfortunate opportunity to witness two of the most... read more »