Op-Ed: Incompetence or Self-Sabotage?

Bahamians pay their taxes and fund the government’s expenditure from one fiscal year to another. The taxes paid ensure that... read more »


Op-ed: Wealth of the Bahamian Nation

This piece was published in its original form about eight years ago in February 2016. Upon reflection on the contents... read more »


Op-Ed: Closing the gender investment gap – empowering women in finance

In the realm of finance, there exists a pervasive and detrimental disparity known as the gender investment gap.  This phenomenon... read more »


Op-Ed: Brave ‘Papa Tax’ Davis and his mid-year budget

Brave ‘Papa Tax’ Davis and his mid-year budget The mid-year budget communication has come and gone. As expected, the government... read more »


Op-Ed: Corporal punishment is abuse

The crime concerns have caught the attention of many, both at home and abroad. There is enough blame, and everyone... read more »


Op-ed: PM’s remarks a threat to the Fourth Estate

“Freedom of the press is a precious privilege that no country can forego.” – Mahatma Gandhi  Bahamians were both shocked... read more »


Should former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis attempt a leadership comeback at the next FNM convention?

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Op-ED: Unleashing the power of cyber security

Editor, The growth of today’s businesses, regardless of their size, depends on the availability and accuracy of data. Unsurprisingly, many... read more »


Letters to the Editor: The Davis Administration needs to walk and chew gum

In Bahamian vernacular, the phrase “walking and chewing gum” at the same time is often used to describe one’s ability... read more »


OpEd: 24 Things to Watch in 2024 – Part 1

The curtains have been drawn on 2023 and the new year is now upon us. It is that time when... read more »


Op-Ed: The good, the bad and the ugly of 2023

In a number of days, we will draw the curtains on the current year. 2023 has been quite eventful and... read more »


Op-Ed: The emergence of the FNM

The Political Landscape of The Bahamas in 2023 – Part 3 Dear Editor, The current state of the FNM has... read more »


Op-Ed: The Current State of the FNM

The Political Landscape of The Bahamas in 2023 – Part 2 Dear Editor, In the aftermath of the recent Grand... read more »


Op-Ed: The Political Landscape in The Bahamas in 2023, Part 1

Editor, I have watched keenly the events that have transpired within our politics over the past two years during my... read more »


Op-Ed: Women Are Still Regarded As Second-Class Citizens In The Bahamas

Why does the political scene in The Bahamas seem to be a boys club, with a mere 17.95% of Members of... read more »


Op-Ed: PLP failure at BPL hurting Bahamians

Today, Bahamians are suffering with astronomical Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) electricity bills during what is one of the most... read more »


OpEd: The 2023/2024 Budget – Positive with cautionary undertones

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The PLP administration has delivered a budget which while leaving room for discussion and debate, on many... read more »


OP-ED: Revenue demands driving need driving corporate income tax

The government has laid out a very impressive argument for the introduction of corporate taxes in its recently issued Green... read more »


Op-Ed: The state of Downtown Nassau and The Bahamas’ destination brand

On February 27, 2023, a record was set at the Nassau Cruise Port (NCP). Six ships with a collective 28,554... read more »


Op-Ed: Could AI replace jobs in the Caribbean?

The exciting prospects of AI advancement cast a grim shadow on the future of formal jobs in the Caribbean. Dear... read more »


OP-ED: The true spirit of Dame Doris Johnson

Dear Editor, I would appreciate your publishing the following commentary which I penned on reading of yet another sexual assault... read more »