Op-Ed: The Political Landscape in The Bahamas in 2023, Part 1

Editor, I have watched keenly the events that have transpired within our politics over the past two years during my... read more »


Op-Ed: Women Are Still Regarded As Second-Class Citizens In The Bahamas

Why does the political scene in The Bahamas seem to be a boys club, with a mere 17.95% of Members of... read more »


Op-Ed: PLP failure at BPL hurting Bahamians

Today, Bahamians are suffering with astronomical Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) electricity bills during what is one of the most... read more »


OpEd: The 2023/2024 Budget – Positive with cautionary undertones

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The PLP administration has delivered a budget which while leaving room for discussion and debate, on many... read more »


OP-ED: Revenue demands driving need driving corporate income tax

The government has laid out a very impressive argument for the introduction of corporate taxes in its recently issued Green... read more »


Op-Ed: The state of Downtown Nassau and The Bahamas’ destination brand

On February 27, 2023, a record was set at the Nassau Cruise Port (NCP). Six ships with a collective 28,554... read more »


Does Florida Governor Ron Desantis' hypothetical statement that he would "flatten" The Bahamas if it launched missiles at Florida warrant an official apology?

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Op-Ed: Could AI replace jobs in the Caribbean?

The exciting prospects of AI advancement cast a grim shadow on the future of formal jobs in the Caribbean. Dear... read more »


OP-ED: The true spirit of Dame Doris Johnson

Dear Editor, I would appreciate your publishing the following commentary which I penned on reading of yet another sexual assault... read more »


OP-ED: Future-proofing The Bahamas

A unified call for AI adoption, upskilling in key tech areas, and organizational transformation Learning from the past, we can... read more »


OP-ED: The pacification of crime

Editor, A great debate has been unleashed relative to the ever-spiking levels of crime in The Bahamas generally but New... read more »


OP-ED: A company’s greatest asset: the what, why and how of employee branding

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — You know how there are brands and then there are brands? Thinking about some of the world’s... read more »


Op-Ed: Children in the midst of damning poverty

“Suffer The Little Children to come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”  By Joe Darville As... read more »


Op-Ed: Rape threatens marriage, not better laws

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Human Rights Bahamas applauds and fully supports Attorney General Ryan Pinder’s position on the question of marital... read more »


Op-Ed: Restorative Justice vs Capital Punishment

By Rise Bahamas Rise Bahamas does not share the same stance taken by some in support of capital punishment. We... read more »


Op-Ed: My Change of Heart – Why I decided to get the Covid-19 Vaccine

By Trevann Thompson I hadn’t planned to take a Covid-19 vaccine at first. I was concerned about how quickly they’d... read more »


Op-Ed: Why the Rainbow Flag?

By Brian A. Nichols When my grandparents emigrated to the United States from Barbados, they didn’t know if they would... read more »


OP-ED: The Summit of the Americas Hits Home: Our Relationship and My Family History

By Brian A. Nichols Brian A. Nichols is the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the United... read more »


BE YOUR BROTHER’S AND SISTER’S KEEPER: Choose to be vaccinated

An op-ed by Bishop Neil Ellis, pastor at Mount Tabor Church NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The coronavirus pandemic has radically interrupted... read more »


Op-Ed: A Summit for All Citizens of the Americas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Tanya McFall-Major, a graduate of the University of the Bahamas and alumna of the Young Leaders of... read more »


Op-Ed: It’s time to unshackle the Bahamian people from colonization

By Dawn Demeritte Dear Bahamian Government:  It’s 2022. I know it doesn’t feel like it when for once The Bahamas... read more »