BFA names CONCACAF Nations League team

BFA names CONCACAF Nations League team
Bahamas Football Association

With its second game of the CONCACAF Nations league approaching, the Bahamas Football Association (BFA) yesterday named the team that will represent the country in the second game of the series.

The Bahamas plays its second game of the Nations League against Antigua and Barbuda on October 12. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

The squad competing is made up by Lesly St. Fleur, Christopher Godet, Christopher Rahming, Denzel Deveaux, Isiah Collie, Jaelin Williams, Julio Jameson, Mario Johnson, Nesly Jean, Raymorn Sturrup, Ricardo McPhee, Sonny Francois, Ian Low, Terry Delancey, Tre Barry. Troy Pinder, Valin Bodie and Rejohn Ene.

Despite falling 4-0 in its first league to Belize in September, Bahamas head coach Dion Godet said he expects the team to be competitive in game two.

“In game one, we saw attitudes that were conducive to winning. We had a lot of turnovers midfield, so, it may have appeared that we were playing with more of a defensive strategy, even though we were playing to score and wanted to display an aggressive offensive strategy,” Godet said.

“We have a young team that’s only going to get a lot of positive experience from this. A lot of people will say we picked an experienced team, but the past teams had experience and still lost. So, I don’t see the point of taking an old team when we can begin to build for the future.”

The Bahamas is currently ranked 32nd out of the 34 teams competing in the League of Nations.