AML introduces full Kosher sections to Solomon’s Fresh Market locations

AML introduces full Kosher sections to Solomon’s Fresh Market locations
Solomon’s Fresh Markets introduces full Kosher section to its Old Fort Bay and Harbour Bay locations.

Nassau, Bahamas — Solomon’s Fresh Market kicked off 2019 introducing a full kosher section to its Harbour Bay and Old Fort Bay stores. Shoppers can now select from high-quality kosher foods including frozen meat and chicken, snacks, crackers, cheese and lunchmeat along with seasonal items to be stocked during religious holidays.

According to Jewish tradition, kosher refers to a set of intricate biblical laws detailing the types of food a Jewish person may consume and the specific ways in which the food may be prepared. With Solomon’s Fresh Market diversifying its offerings to include more kosher products, the Jewish residing in The Bahamas and those visiting the islands now have an expanded selection of products available to meet their needs.

“The Bahamas has a thriving Jewish population and since opening our Solomon’s Fresh Market locations, there has been a growing demand for the availability of more kosher products,” Renea Bastian, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at AML Foods Limited explained.

“We looked at the needs of our diverse consumers and saw the opportunity to introduce a full section of kosher products at our Fresh Market stores. Within the first month, sales have been steady and we anticipate continued growth in this segment of our grocery business.”

Rabbi Sholom Bluming of the Nassau Jewish community thanked the company for expanding its product offering to make kosher foods readily available.

“We are deeply grateful to Fresh Market for making Kosher food accessible in The Bahamas. With Kosher food sold in the grocery section, it will surely bring many more Jewish visitors to the island and make living here as a Kosher consumer a lot easier,” he said.

“On behalf of the community, we are very thankful that Fresh Market has taken this big step in bringing such a vast selection of Kosher food to The Bahamas.”

In addition to an expanded kosher selection for everyday consumption, Solomon’s Fresh Market will also feature seasonal items centred on Jewish holidays at its Harbour Bay and Old Fort Bay locations.