Aliv suffers ‘manageable’ Dorian shortfall

Aliv suffers ‘manageable’ Dorian shortfall
Damian Blackburn

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Aliv suffered a ‘manageable shortfall’ as a result of Hurricane Dorian, according to its top executive Damian Blackburn, who noted that the monster storm caused roughly $6 million in network equipment.

Blackburn said those losses were largely insured.

“We are in full review from Cable Bahamas and Aliv of the backbone transmission network,” he said.

“We are making the necessary improvements. We are reviewing all of the architecture particularly in the islands we are now rebuilding.

“In terms of the overall cost we had about $6 million of network equipment damaged. The majority of that was insured.”

Blackburn said: “We have suffered some shortfall but in the scale of it all a manageable shortfall as most of it was covered by insurance. We did have some exceptional costs on top as we had to handle staffing accommodations and temporary solutions to ensure we could provide service to everyone who needed it after the hurricane in Grand Bahama and Abaco.

Blackburn underscored the mobile provider had marked its three year anniversary last month, and is looking to bring more innovation to market.

“We’re just over three years in,” he said.

“We had our 36 months of trading December. Off the platform we have built you will see more innovation and the deployment of innovation in the way the customer, the way we – The Cable Bahamas group has a vision enabling the connected lifestyle. This is the year we make a real step change toward that vision.”