Bahamas in talks with CARICOM on decision to impose sanctions on Russia

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas government said yesterday it is in ongoing conversations with CARICOM members states regarding sanctions recently imposed against Russia. Over the weekend, The Bahamas joined the list of western countries that have imposed sanctions on the financial resources of Russian businesses and oligarchs in the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine […]

TREAD CAREFULLY: Govt warns entities to ‘take appropriate caution’ with sanctioned Russian entities

UK to stop Russian imports by end of 2022; US bans all imports of Russian oil, gas & coal Govt discussing policy position on Russian vessels allegedly docking in The Bahamas NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Cabinet Office has issued a statement warning all entities operating in The Bahamas to take “appropriate caution” in any transactions […]

AT THE READY: Banks prepared to adopt govt’s directives on sanctions against Russia, says Central Bank

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Central Bank Governor John Rolle said Bahamian-based institutions have been advised to take appropriate measures and stand prepared to adopt any official position taken by the government with respect to sanctions against Russian entities. This comes as several international banks have already complied with their respective countries’ sanctions on Russian institutions and […]

LOCATION BONUS: Bahamas’ proximity to US could render airfare increases ‘moderate’, says NAD

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) President Vernice Walkine said yesterday that while rising fuel prices and the resulting increases in airfare are a cause for concern, this nation’s proximity to the US would enable those costs to be somewhat “moderate”. [pullquote] It is at a time like this that our proximity tends […]

DON’T GO IT ALONE: FNM senator supports sanctions on Russia if done as a collective with other nations

Former foreign affairs minister: Impact of sanctions from Bahamas alone would be ‘very negligible’  NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Former Foreign Affairs Minister Darren Henfield said yesterday that any decision to impose sanctions on Russia amidst the ongoing invasion of Ukraine should be done in concert with CARICOM and other regional partners. Henfield’s comment comes after the US […]

STAYING AHEAD OF THE CURVE: Super Value making efforts to keep stores stocked amid supply chain challenges

Roberts says flour imports could be impacted by Russia-Ukraine conflict NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Super Value’s president said yesterday that the company was doing its best to source goods amid global supply shortages, telling Eyewitness News its attention is “more on buying than selling”. Rupert Roberts told Eyewitness News: “We’re doing our best right now. What […]

CALL FOR FORCE: US Embassy urges Bahamas to impose sanctions on Russia

UN Security Council unlikely to pass resolution on Russian sanctions Foreign affairs minister says Bahamas can take action at formal request of another state NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The US Embassy yesterday commended the government of The Bahamas for taking an “independent and forceful” stance against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and encouraged the country to […]

‘WAIT AND SEE’: CARICOM could join in imposing sanctions on Russia but awaiting UN vote, says PM

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas yesterday joined the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in an overwhelming historic vote on a resolution to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and call on Moscow to immediately withdraw all forces from the country. The resolution, which won support from 141 countries of the 193-member body, came at the […]

NOT OUR FIGHT: National Security minister assures no local security concerns over Russia-Ukraine conflict

“Very little” The Bahamas can do if Russian nuclear weapons are released NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe said yesterday there are currently no security concerns as it relates to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict in eastern Europe. Munroe’s comments came as the Russian military assault on Ukraine continued into its fifth day […]

NUCLEAR THREAT LOOMS: PM Davis to raise alarm at CARICOM on fallout from Russia-Ukraine war

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis said yesterday that he intends to raise the issue of how the Russia-Ukraine war will impact the region at the 33rd Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). This comes as fighting continues in Ukraine and world leaders contend with […]

Op-Ed: The Commonwealth stands firmly against acts of aggression

By Patricia Scotland, QC, secretary-general, Commonwealth of Nations The Commonwealth was built on the bedrock of an international order which recognized the vital importance of peaceful co-existence based on the shared values of democracy, peace, security, justice, respect for international law, the advancement of the rule of law and the protection, respect and fulfilment of […]

‘KNOCK-ON EFFECTS’: Gas could reach $8 per gallon amid WWIII threat, warns foreign affairs minister

Mitchell says no reports of Bahamians stranded near conflict area  NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell warned on Thursday that gas prices in The Bahamas are expected to increase to eight dollars per gallon in the spring amidst the threat of a third world war after the Russian military invaded Ukraine this […]

‘WRONG, UNLAWFUL AND SHOULD END’: The Bahamas denounces Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The government of The Bahamas yesterday joined several nations around the globe in denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday night and calling for an immediate end to the conflict. In a statement, Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell said: “The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and led by its […]

ADJUSTMENTS REQUIRED: Consumers warned to brace for oil and energy price jumps amid Russia-Ukraine conflict

Former state minister of finance says already high inflation could shoot even higher Smith: Silver lining could be more travelers to Bahamas over Europe  NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamian consumers will have to “make adjustments” to handle increased inflation, particularly on oil and energy prices as Russia’s attack on Ukraine has already had a ripple effect […]

British PM: Russia ‘highly likely’ behind ex-spy’s poisoning

LONDON (AP) — Russia is “highly likely” to blame for poisoning a former spy and his daughter with a military-grade nerve agent, British Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday, demanding that Moscow give a compelling explanation or face “extensive” retaliation. May told lawmakers in a strongly worded statement that without a credible response from Russia […]