Sysco in Bahamaa needs competent employees. Prior to pandemic, Sysco would not follow up with clients completing application, the person that handled processing applications was on vacation and no return calls to potential clients were return. In the rare situation that someone answered a phone, they never knew the answer and would transfer the call to a phone that was not answered nor would accept a message. The overall employees response was that they didn’t want to be working. Terminate all of them and hire proactive, competent staff or use Sysco out of the US.

Hi Jim
If the Bahamian workers are so incompetent perhaps Bahamians need to stop supporting Sysco and go to the local Bahamian stores/wholesalers only! Being a Bahamian I would say that is our biggest incompetence not supporting our own local businesses. You are referring to applicants so I will make a guess that you are one of the owners/bosses. Respect the Bahamas and it’s people please! You have a great day!

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