PM Minnis: Domes will cost $6.4 million

PM Minnis: Domes will cost $6.4 million

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The government will spend approximately $6.4 million for the Family Relief Centre on Abaco to house displaced Hurricane Dorian victims, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said yesterday.

In a communication to Parliament, Minnis also announced that the government will acquire 100 RV trailers to house government personnel assisting with recovery efforts.

“The reconstruction ministry is in the process of deploying temporary housing for government employees on Abaco,” said Minnis.

“One hundred RV trailers will accommodate 300 critical government personnel, who will play an essential role in reconstruction and recovery.

“I note that a protocol is being determined for the relocating of individuals back to Abaco.

“Further, a land site, next to the Spring City subdivision on Abaco, is being prepared to create the Family Relief Centre, which will serve as temporary housing accommodations for families affected by this monster hurricane.”

Minnis said the center will have 250 dome structures, and include plumbing, drainage, a sewer system, and electricity.

The facility will span across 12 acres of land.

“Land is being prepared and trenching begins this week,” Minnis continued.

“Materials for the infrastructure work are scheduled to arrive on Abaco next week”.

Minister of State for Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Restoration Iram Lewis told Eyewitness News Online on Tuesday the temporary relief facilities will be occupied by Bahamians and legal residents.

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Be encouraged, sincere Christians are praying, and trusting God to give the Bahamas Government the wherewithal needed to reconstruct and restore especially Grand Bahama, Abaco and the Keys expeditiously, and for the resilient spirit to continue. Keep God in your view Brothers Thompson and Lewis, with God ALL things are possible. THE ARM OF FLESH WILL FAIL YOU, YOU DARE NOT TRUST YOUR OWN. LOOK CONTINUALLY TO THE HILLS FROM WHENCE COMETH YOUR HELP, KNOW THAT YOUR HELP COMES FROM THE LORD, THE LORD WHO MADE HEAVEN AND EARTH!THIS MUST BE VIEWED AS A GOD FULFILLED UNDERTAKING, REMAIN HUMBLE!!!

RE: Dome Dwellings

I can only imagine the enormity of the task the government has to navigate after the mass destruction caused by hurricane Dorian. As a survivor from Abaco I lost my home and most of my possesions so I will have to rebuild.

My home was not insured with about seven years of mortgage payments left and as a self-employed widow homeschooling my autistic son I was hoping and praying that my home would either be rebuilt by NEMA or the materials provide so that family and friends could help me rebuild.

I am disappointed that so much money will be diverted to temporary shelters and survivors are presented with “incentives” to encourage rebuilding in the affected areas. Please do not dismiss me as ungrateful or anti-government, I am just of the opinion that perhaps there is another option.

Is it possible that the various government agencies can carry out inspections as persons present claims for rebuilding or repairs. It could be similar to the previous business licensing process when MOW did an inspection, Environmental health, WSC, BPL, BTC and even the police can also present any required inspections. With these documents in hand and an appraisal stating an estimated cost to rebuild the homeowner can present their claim to NEMA. From this point, a contractor from a list of approved contractors can be assigned and vouchers or other forms of direct payments to suppliers can be prepared allowing the homeowner to select items within allotted budget (with the option to pay the difference for an upgrade).

I am not looking for anything except the opportunity to take my son back home to the only home he knows. So is it too much to ask that the governnent just send the help directly to the need. My home is in plain sight and in fact it made it in the icyclone segment of Dorian thus my damages are well docunented.

So please give us the direct help and not the kind that will leave many foraging or just abandoned and draining other family members.

Looking for Real Relief!

We can have faster relief if the government would use the various agencies to inspect and verify the legitmate needs incurred by survivors of hurricane Dorian. The homeowner can present these documents to NEMA who can prepare vouchers or direct forms of payments to the suppliers with the option to pay the difference for any upgrade.

NEMA can then provide a list of approved carpenters, plumbers, masons, electricians and/or contractors to assist in the repairs and rebuilding.

I am neither ungrateful nor anti-government I just want to return to my home.

Looking for Real Relief

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