PM: King’s leadership of RBDF comes at “critical time”

PM: King’s leadership of RBDF comes at “critical time”
RBDF Commodore Dr Raymond King (left) and former RBDF Commodore Tellis Bethel (right)

Raymond King sworn in as commodore of the RBDF

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — As The Bahamas confronts a “critical time” in its history, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said today the country will rely upon newly sworn in Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commander Dr Raymond King’s leadership and experience to continue the “standard of excellence in leadership” in protecting the nation.

King was officially sworn in as the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commodore during a handing over ceremony at the Coral Harbour base this morning.

He replaces RBDF Commodore Tellis Bethel.

“The country will rely on your experience, commitment and leadership during these extraordinary times,” the prime minister said.

“You must continue to set the standard in excellence in leadership, integrity and innovation in guarding our heritage and protecting our borders.

“Once again, I thank Commodore Bethel for his decade of service and I welcome Commodore Raymond King as the new commander of Her Majesty’s Royal Bahamas Defence Force.”

The prime minister thanked Bethel for his dedicated and devoted services, acknowledging his commitment to duty during his five-year tenure as deputy commander and additional years of service as commander.

Minnis said: “He leaves behind a legacy of integrity, dedicated service and commitment to the success of the defense force and the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, for which we are grateful.”

He also thanked the organization for their “courage and dedication” in the fight against the virus.

During the ceremony, Bethel said it was his “utmost pleasure and a rewarding experience” to lead the outstanding men and women of the defense force, and to serve the Bahamian people.

He said his greater desire for the organization was accomplished.

“This desire was to lay a foundation on which a new generation of the defense force members could build their lives; their careers and their nation at the beginning of a new era in the defense force’s history,” Bethel said.

Bethel congratulated King and extended the best wishes to his wife.

King is married to retired Chief Petty Officer Fredricka King.

Bethel also encouraged King and his team to be mindful that professional competence, personal character and the right relationship with God were vital tools for experiencing and enjoying long term success.

The former commodore reminded officers that the future of the organization is dependent on their efforts as he cautioned them from engaging in any behavior or actions that would discredit the defense force.

King thanked the governor general, prime minister and minister of national security for their confidence in him to lead during what he said is a pivotal point in The Bahamas

He recognized the important work of Bethel and past commodores, including retired commodore Leon Smith, whom he said afforded him an opportunity to join the organization in 1989.

He also expressed gratitude for the love and unwavering support of his immediate family, particularly his wife of 28 years, and his children — Miska and the late Raynaldo King Senior — and grandchildren.

He declared his commitment to the nation to defend The Bahamas, protect its integrity, patrol its waters, assist in disaster relief, and maintain law and order.

He said emphasis will be placed on the command climate and human capital management.

“Command priorities under my leadership will include, the transformation of the organization’s culture and command climate to one of inclusiveness, value congruence or the reinstitution of the organization’s ethos of military discipline, military traditions and military customs service-wide; organizational restructuring to achieve the ideal force design and administration; mission readiness of our human capital; material readiness of our air, land and sea assets; fleet maintenance and an appreciation of workplace diversity and generational differences,”

“Therefore, the organization’s strategic vision is to develop a professional, high performance work force focused on performance excellence — that is being results based, research focused and emphasis on continuous improvement.”

As a proud product of the public school system and the “black belt communities of Big Pond Subdivision and Black Village”, King said his grandmother and mother instilled values of hard work and spiritual development at an early age.

He sold newspapers as a young boy and teenager.

King previously served as deputy commander and port controller.

The Cabinet Office announced King’s appointment as deputy commander on October 6.

He has served in numerous executive appointments with the RBDF.

He has an associate’s degree in science and accounting management, a bachelor’s in administration and account; a master’s in business administration and a doctorate’s in leadership and management.

He has served on wide range of board including the National Disaster Committee, the National Anti-Drug Secretariat and the Public Private Partnership of the Nassau Cruise Port.


I note that he holds an Ed.D. This makes him Dr. King. I would hope we can refer to him as Dr. King. As obtaining such degree is a task.
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