PM Davis urges Caribbean unity at CANTO conference

PM Davis urges Caribbean unity at CANTO conference
Prime Minister Philip Davis delivers a keynote address at CANTO’s 39th Annual Conference (Photo Credit: BTC)

MIAMI, FLORIDA — Prime Minister Philip Davis delivered the keynote address at CANTO’s 39th Annual Conference and Tradeshow Exhibition, emphasizing the need for Caribbean leaders to unite in leveraging digital innovation for regional progress. The event, sponsored by C&W Communications, took place at the JW Marriott Hotel from July 7 to 10, drawing over 600 attendees.

Inge Smidts, CEO of C&W Communications, introduced PM Davis, highlighting C&W’s efforts in digital innovation and connectivity across the Caribbean. Smidts also spoke about bridging the digital divide and fostering digital inclusion throughout the region.

Davis recalled The Bahamas’ experience with Hurricane Dorian, stating, “The Bahamas remembers Dorian’s fury all too well. Our hearts and prayers go out to our Caribbean brothers and sisters, and may those affected find strength and may the coming months be calmer than forecasts predict.”

Highlighting the technological evolution in the Caribbean, Davis cited The Bahamas’ implementation of e-government platforms and the introduction of the Sand Dollar e-currency. He stressed the importance of digital skills education to ensure widespread technological literacy and prevent marginalization. “It is clear that technology is a powerful tool for progress and economic growth, however, the true potential of this tool can only be realized if our citizens are equipped with the knowledge and skills to use it effectively,” Davis said.

“Technology is not merely a tool for economic growth; it is a powerful catalyst for social change. Our focus should be on how these innovations can enhance the quality of life for our citizens, bridging gaps and opening opportunities that were previously unimaginable.”

C&W Communications has launched the JUMP social assistance program through its charitable foundation, CWCF. The program, currently active in Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, and St. Lucia, provides internet access to families who would not ordinarily afford it. The initiative includes subsidized internet access, a free laptop, and eight weeks of digital skills training for the entire household. The JUMP program is set to be officially launched in The Bahamas in August.

Davis concluded his address by congratulating CANTO on its 39th anniversary and announcing that The Bahamas will host CANTO’s 40th Conference in 2025.