Irate Goodman’s Bay jet ski operators demonstrate

Irate Goodman’s Bay jet ski operators demonstrate

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Jet-ski operators stationed at Goodman’s Bay demonstrated on Tuesday, stating that they have had enough of the ‘shenanigans’ as it relates to the actions of those who are allegedly operating illegally at a mega resort.

Vice-President of the Jet Ski Operators Association, Pedro Bannister, said they have reason to believe thatjet-ski boats are operating on the property of a mega resort, which is not only against the law, but also unfair.

“Now we don’t want this to go any further than this. We want to put our foot down on this,” Bannister said.  “This will affect us because if the company that has a spot directly on the beach [at the hotel] and they can talk to the people before they get down to the jet ski operators [on Goodman’s Bay], which we are licensed to do, that is going to hurt our business tremendously.”

President of the Jet Ski Operators Association, Patrick Glinton, said a decrease in customers will also impact their families and a seat at the negotiation table with hoteliers would be a step in the right direction.

“Only thing we want to do is provide for our families and provide legitimately without doing anything illegal to take care of our families,” Glinton said.

“Please understand us. It’s not all as bad as people say that we are. We are trying to do what is right, but we need help by being able to communicate with the hotel to see what we need to do to [iron] out the problems.”

Bannister also claimed that the new operators are engaging in unsafe practices.

“We see them in the swim lines. You don’t operate motor craft vehicles in the swim line. You operate them out the swim line because it can be a dangerous spot for the tourists.”