Grand Bahama paint retailer in second ‘heartbreak’ after Dorian destruction

Grand Bahama paint retailer in second ‘heartbreak’ after Dorian destruction

Paint Fair to relocate and open October 21

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- A well-known Freeport-based paint retailer says it suffered a second ‘heartbreak’ after a nine foot Hurricane Dorian storm surge completely destroyed its store and warehouse causing well over $1 million in damages.

Lesley Davies-Baptista, vice-president of told Eyewitness News Online Dorian had caused just over $1 million in damages to its nearly 5,000 square foot store and warehouse. 

The figure does not including the cost of relocation and loss income while keeping its eleven staff employed. 

The West Settlers’ Way retailer has been in operation for 39 years.

The company is now preparing to relocate and open with full operations on October 21. The new location will be  at the Heads Above the Rest Building 25A, West Mall Drive.

“We had a nine foot of storm surge which completely destroying our inventory, our equipment and our beautiful store,” Davies-Baptista said. 

“This is the second time we have had this heartbreak.  The first time was after Hurricane Frances in 2004, only five months after my mother finished the new building. We had no idea it would flood.” 

She continued: “Thanks to an incredible team, vendors and other associates, we have been able to reopen temporarily in our old location while we ready a new location for opening in less than two weeks.”

Davies-Baptista noted Grand Bahamians are resilient, with businesses “defying some harsh odds and circumstances” to get operational and keep staff employed.

“In the midst of very trying times, to which we are no strangers to here in Grand Bahama, there is much progress and much hope,” she said. 

As to Hurricane Dorian related damages, Davies-Baptista told Eyewitness News the assessment is ongoing. 

She said: “Right now, it’s at just over $1million, although it doesn’t include cost of relocation, the loss of income for a month while keeping all eleven staff employed during that time we had no income.”