Free COVID testing pilot expanded to North Eleuthera

Free COVID testing pilot expanded to North Eleuthera
A team from Bay Street Medical, led by Dr Tyneil Cargill and in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, visits North Eleuthera in October 2021 to conduct free COVID testing.

Dr Cargill: We strongly believe that free mass testing for all is a core component in this fight against the coronavirus

“We are all in this together to save lives”

ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS — A team from Bay Street Medical (BSM), led by Dr Tyneil Cargill, visited North Eleuthera last week to conduct free COVID testing in conjunction with the Ministry of Health.

The team visited Harbour Island and communities in Gregory Town and the Lower Bogue on Wednesday, October 27, and Thursday, October 28 respectively to administer rapid antigen tests free of charge, in accordance with the campaign pledge of the Davis administration.

Giving comments on the initiative, Cargill said it was a “privilege” for his team to “assist with the execution of the Davis administration’s free mass testing initiative”.

“We are committed to doing all we can to mitigate the deadly challenges associated with this present COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

“Residents throughout our Bahamas are no doubt deserving of access to the best healthcare possible.

“We share the commitment and compassion of Health Minister the Honorable Dr Michael Darville and by extension the Ministry of Health, the Office of the Prime Minister, the hospitable and hardworking MP for North Eleuthera the Honorable Sylvanus Petty and his team and all residents of beautiful North Eleuthera.

“We share the government’s mass testing vision and mandate and wish to reiterate our strong belief that free COVID antigen mass testing for all Bahamians represents a core component in this fight against the coronavirus.

“We are all in this together to save lives.”

This latest free testing rollout follows the pilot programme being launched on Inagua just one week prior, on October 20.

Darville has pledged that the initiative will continue to be rolled out across the Family Islands and eventually to New Providence and Grand Bahamas as well.


1. Nothing is free including purchasing tests. The duty, VAT, taxes, fees, we are forced to pay will be increased somewhere to cover this.
2. What is the treatment plan if someone tests posituve. What nedicine is prescribed. Note: ‘Go home for 2 weeks and dont dead’ is not considered a treatment plan.
3. Was your ‘privilege’ of participation completely donated time? If not, your financial compensation and those nurses, lab techs, etc all have to be paid somehow. Did you all work for Free to reduce the cost of this exercise on the taxpayer?

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