Electric car dealer emerges “bigger and better” amid pandemic

Electric car dealer emerges “bigger and better” amid pandemic
Easy Car Sales on Gladstone Road.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A local electric vehicle dealer said yesterday it has come through the COVID-19 pandemic “bigger and better”, citing the increased interest in electric vehicle purchases.

Pia Farmer, partner in Easy Car Sales on Gladstone Road, told Eyewitness News, “We are expecting to end the year on a high note. We are investing in the future. We are renovating our current location and lot to create a new look and make space for new models coming in the next few weeks. We have also built up our team.”

Farmer added, “We’re one of those businesses that has come through bigger and better than before COVID. When we were allowed to open, business was good. During second and third quarters, we were closed down most of the time. This quarter is looking good. Last month was good. People are really taking interest in electric vehicles. We had a busy October and everything looks on track to be positive through the end of the year.”

“…We met all of our targets and we expect to hit our sales targets this month as well. Demand seems to be high, and more people are coming for a test drive. We are expecting to say we had an excellent first and last quarter. We are ready for December and looking forward to 2021.”

The company has just launched a promotion running through December 31, where buyers get $1,000 cashback in hand after purchasing an electric vehicle.