Cannabis advocate calls for greater focus on standards

Cannabis advocate calls for greater focus on standards
Terry Miller, head of the Bahamas Cannabis Research Institute

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The Bahamas can ‘make its mark’ in the world by becoming a leader in cannabis research and data, one local advocate has suggested.

Terry Miller, head of the Bahamas Cannabis Research Institute (BACARI) told Eyewitness News that a focus on standards was one of the issues absent from the discourse and the recently tabled preliminary Marijuana Commission report.

That report which was tabled in Parliament on Wednesday noted that the Commission was split on whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use, as more data needs to be explored to enable the commission to come to a consensus on the matter.

The commission does, however, recommend decriminalization of up to one ounce of cannabis.

The report noted that the potential exists for the establishment of a sustainable industry for both medical and recreational marijuana.

Miller said: “ I would like to see The Bahamas become number one in research and scientific data. We can make our mark in the world. We have the opportunity.”

“I agree that medical marijuana should be unrestricted to a degree. What I have not heard about however is standards. Standards have to be the foundation of all legislation.

“When it comes to medical marijuana we need our own standards. We have to ensure that whatever comes in or goes out of this country is of the highest standard- both for our people and for export. The same can apply for recreational use.

“People need to know what they are getting We have to cut out the black market and not create a situation where we are reinforcing it.”

Miller added: “Consistently there is no talk about industrial hemp. That could be a very important industry.. It could take us from a consumer nation to a producer nation.

“People want to come here and set up industrial manufacturing plants.”