Bahamian software development company builds custom payroll system for CBS Bahamas

Bahamian software development company builds custom payroll system for CBS Bahamas
(L-R) Duran Humes, Co-Developer, TriblockHR & Chief Executive Officer, Plato Alpha; Brent Burrows II, E-commerce Manager, CBS Bahamas; Keith Roye II, Co-Developer, TriblockHR & Chief Operating Officer, Plato Alpha.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — CBS Bahamas has become the most recent enterprise to onboard its human resources and payroll processes to TriblockHR, a customizable platform designed by Bahamian software development firm Plato Alpha.

TriblockHR, launched in 2021, uniquely meets the needs of organizations operating in The Bahamas by streamlining payroll, performance, and time management systems.

“As a growing company, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with our employees across all of our divisions and departments,” said CBS’ manager of e-commerce, Brent Burrows II.

“TriblockHR provided us with an all-in-one solution that ticked many boxes. From payroll to employee self-service, benefits, and everything else we needed to take our business to the next level.”

Developed by two Gen Z Bahamians in their twenties, TriblockHR is revolutionizing how businesses manage their most valuable resource, their staff. The platform creates efficiencies that amplify team morale and strengthen the bottom line – centralizing everything from payroll and employee data – to time, attendance, and performance management into one unified reporting system.

“Before implementing TriblockHR, CBS would manage dozens of employees using paper, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and a lot of man hours,” said TriblockHR Co-Developer and Plato Alpha CEO Duran Humes.

Humes said: “After determining the specific processes they wanted to automate, we tailored our product TriblockHR into a custom solution that automated many of the manual HR and payroll work they usually performed.”

CBS’ new payroll platform eliminates the need to input and reconcile data in multiple spreadsheets and systems, in addition to a laundry list of other benefits. One standout benefit is the reduced time and effort needed for CBS to satisfy its National Insurance Board (NIB) contributions as TriblockHR features a module to calculate both employee deductions and corporate NIB contributions.

TriblockHR’s reporting & analytics capabilities and employee data-entry components are two key features that set it apart from other payroll & HR systems.

“We also integrated our platform with CBS’ external time clock system to track when employees clock in and out,” Humes said.

Through the platform, CBS employees can now digitally request time off and communicate with stakeholders in real-time through the system’s group-chat component.

“This project was a blast to work on and aligns with our mission to provide cutting-edge, high-quality software solutions that deliver measurable results,” said TriblockHR Co-Developer and Plato Alpha COO, Keith Roye II.

“One of the things they wanted was an integrated accounting file, so we made it possible for all of their payroll data to be easily imported into their accounting software. We also included performance management and recruitment modules to enable CBS to conduct company-wide performance reviews and manage candidates applying for a job.”

Plato Alpha is committed to pioneering digital transformation in The Bahamas. The firm has designed and developed digital systems for entities including Doctors Hospital, Super Value, the Rotary Clubs, and The Bahamas Government.

Humes added: “We’re very pleased to know that CBS is fully utilizing TriblockHR and everything it has to offer and are excited to add them to our growing list of clients.”