200 Bahamian contractors engaged for $20m sidewalk and parks revamp

200 Bahamian contractors engaged for $20m sidewalk and parks revamp
Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The government has engaged some 200 small Bahamian contractors and allocated some $20 million for the construction of sidewalks and repairing of parks throughout New Providence.

Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister told reporters outside Cabinet yesterday that the initiative will seek to boost the economy and employ Bahamians who have been impacted by the COVID pandemic.

“One of the things we are going to do is to make sure that as many small Bahamian contractors as possible are put to work and that’s what we are seeking to do now,” Bannister said.

“In the same process, they are going to be able to improve the communities.

“If you go for example in Englerston, you are going to see sidewalks everywhere in Englerston for the people of Englerston.

“What that does is instead of someone simply getting a check from NIB, that person can have the dignity of working and understanding that they can take a fair amount of money home for the work they do. They will spend that money in their communities.”

The public works minister said the government is hoping to see a spin-off effect that impacts everyone.

“We are going to seek to do as much as we can to help as many people as we can so people can get back on their feet, have a fighting chance, have the dignity of working, earning money and being able to take care of their families”, he added.

He noted that an initial allotment of $20million has been made.

“It doesn’t go very far but you are going to see a change in your community parks – over 100 parks on this island – you are going to see a change in them and you are going to see a change in a lot of the communities and how people traverse the streets.”

Asked how many contractors will be employed, Bannister said 200 contractors have been engaged.

“This is depending on how things go,” he added.

“This is likely to change. We had looked to do this in July. We hadn’t been able to roll it out until now. Depending on how things go, depending on how the economy goes, we are going to see what we can do to help people get back on their feet.”


Are you SERIOUS? BAHAMIANS CAN’T EAT OR LIVE ON SIDE WALKS AND IN PARKS. This SENSELESS, CLUELESS FNM GOVERNMENT is once again showing the WORLD how DUMP they are. SMH. This is NO TIME to be talking about fixing parks and building sidewalks.SMH. This is the TIME for the FNM GOVERNMENT to KEEP YOUR PROMISE TO THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE…


GOVERNMENT need to put that 20 million into NIB and SOCIAL SERVICE.

Sidewalks and park can built at a later time… THIS IS FOOD AND BILLS TIME.

From late 2017 I was a very, very unhappy FNM supporter.

May GOD continue to find FAVOR with US and have MERCY on US.

Good morning lady c, I disagree with you ,I do think it is important for people to have the dignity of work, after the building of side walks and fixing the parks , there’s an investment . Just giving the money away is not wise , there would be less incentive to spend with care, plus you can have work money , tangible investment and spending in the community

While providing jobs is a commendable endeavor, one must consider that maybe the installation of more sidewalks right now is not the most favorable of options. Especially since many of the previously installed sidewalks have become eyesores and unusable due to overgrown vegetation and also because of increased roadway flooding. Maybe consideration could have been given to renovating/refurbishing govt owned buildings to reduce the rent spent by the govt in rental spaces or undertake works at quasi-govt facilities. The installation of additional sidewalks at this present time is borderline nonsensical…just a thought.

They way I see it 5 years is to long. They need to put that down too 4 years because. Peter Turnquest needs to go everytime you hear from him it’s money this and money that and how Bahamians need to better manage there money. How people spend there money is there choice. Not the Bahamians problem Sky Bahamas flopped! Mr super wash wanna bring in commercial washer and dryers. Oh let’s not forget Brent Symonet who secured a 60 million dollar contract and resigned afterwards. These people don’t care about Bahamians more than most Bahamians care about there own. They seem to lack vision and the necessary leadership skills required to run a country. I’m sick of Bahamians being last in their own country.

If you know the history of your country you wouldn’t be surprised. They’re still pushing the colonial agenda, pushing funds into projects that have little to no effect towards truly helping bahamian people.

While the jobs are needed in the community and safety for pedestrians is important I hope that those contractors are FNM and Plp alike. No discrimination, it’s the people’s time. Teach a man to catch fish rather than to give him handout. He will appreciate his intake when hereceives it. None the less, I am concern about the planning. One might say you don’t need planning for sidewalks because its only a piece of slab to walk OK, but Bahamian deserve more. Where will the water go when it rains? No verges or nothing to run the water away. The streets will get flooded, cars will continue to roll on and pedestrians will get wet.
Please planned properly and give the Bahamian people value for their money.

And they can’t construct a decent Hospital in grand Bahama, or a proper Airport facility,

Mr. King, your opinion is yours and mine is mine.

The PEOPLE that are awarded the contracts DO NOT LIVE IN THOSE COMMUNITIES. Also very few of the persons they hire will BE LIVING IN THOSE COMMUNITIES, not to mention the minimum wage they will be paying the workers.. and keeping the majority for there fancy lifestyle.

Like I said before NIB will be giving people back THEIR OWN MONIES and Social Service can assist many. NIB staffs knows how much money in that office just setting there. One employee at NIB some years ago stole $1.000.000. (ONE MILLION DOLLARS of the BAHAMIAN PEOPLE MONIES. HIS ONLY PUNISHMENT was to be TRANSFERRED to a DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT OFFICE. A few days ago and for many years NIB employees were STEALING the PEOPLE’S MONEY.

We as CITIZENS of the BAHAMAS need to understand, what OUR GOVERNMENT SUPPOSE to do for ALL the CITIZENS. I understand now why the BAHAMAS GOVERNMENTS are always accused of stealing MONIES, because BAHAMIANS don’t know the REVENUE that the BAHAMAS GOVERNMENT RECIEVES, ESPECIALLY IN NATURAL RESOURCES is to SUPPORT the BAHAMIAN CITIZENS. Look at AMERICA and the UK GOVERNMENTS they are assisting their CITIZENS. The BAHAMAS is A VERY RICH COUNTRY and the GOVERNMENT can AFFORD to TAKE CARE ALL BAHAMIAN CITIZENS for a while.


May GOD continue to FAVOR and BLESS the BAHAMIAN PEOPLE.

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