Young pioneer launches digital billboard and changes GB advertising industry

Young pioneer launches digital billboard and changes GB advertising industry

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Advertére Marketing, founded by Andros native Brandon Hall, launched his company’s final phase for the island’s first modern and industry standard billboard advertising company in Freeport. Ultimately pioneering the way into modern alternative advertising for the Freeport landscape. The new start-up offers dynamic and flexible digital billboard advertising services for businesses/advertisers of all sizes and making it accessible once more to mass advertise on the island.

The introduction of this new platform unlocks a new avenue to advertise effortlessly based on the large size and location of the dual-sided billboard. Being situated in-between the two largest commerce/business zones on the island (Downtown / Queen’s Highway), along a major transit highway in and out of the city, en-route to the airport and surrounded by schools, grocers, hardware stores, government complexes, a popular gas station and a densely populated community all within ½ mile radius, businesses/advertisers are able to reach their intended audience due to this full demographic spectrum.

“Our reach is what makes it so effective. With our billboard site being located in a prime transit and business centric location, a huge amount of people interacts with these engaging messages on a daily basis through this literal ‘in your face’ approach. Bringing a heighten sense of awareness to the public about various products and services that local businesses offer; enabling increased traffic, revenue and subsequent growth for them.”

Brandon explains that the company is shifting the culture norms of how billboard advertising is commonly done within the country and utilizing successful industry standards and practices to ensure an impact is felt on consumers based on the visual storytelling aspect of the platform. The simple but often amusing, interactive and highly creative ads impart a memorable impression with consumers on the go which allows commuters to react in real time or influences their buying behaviour later due to the ease of recall.


Brandon further explains that the dual-sided billboard is versatile and flexible to accommodate different exposure needs of clients on the digital display but also the option to advertise with a 100 percent constant exposure on the Static Vinyl printed ad face.


Being a client of Access Accelerator, Small Business Development Centre (SBDC), Advertére Marketing received approximately $100,000 to fund the majority of the project through $78,200 in loan investments from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and a matching grant of $20,000 from Access Accelerator.

Brandon was able to break through a glass ceiling that plagued the Port Area for decades. With digital billboards being previously outlawed based on the Freeport Bye-laws, Brandon was able to shatter this well-known and well speculated glass ceiling by successfully winning an Expression of Interest (EOI) public bid curated by the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) starting back in 2019. Being awarded this licence, he applauds the GBPA for their vision and accepting his proposal for this paradigm to help modernize the second city and boost commerce on the island.

Reputable surveys has published that Bahamian businesses struggle with competition since many fight for the same customers in a very localized economy. He explains that businesses must stand-out but also make their presence and offerings known over their competition.

“Billboards help to widen the sales funnel for businesses. Think about a funnel with the wide end which is your potential customers. As you go down the funnel it narrows, and the actual buyers are at the bottom. How do you create more buyers? By widening that funnel!”

Brandon credits the idea for the venture to his exposure whiles studying abroad in Canada. After graduating Acadia University and awaiting to move to Freeport to start his career, he started researching the industry and specifically reasons why The Bahamas was not in this industry. It was then he realized they were not allowed based on the laws. However, with a very ambitious mindset, he ignored this formality and started developing the business.

“All I can say is that the Lord saw it fit to put me in the right location at the perfect time to be able to have access to a great opportunity; something many do not say much when talking about modern day Freeport.”

Feeling excited to jump into another unique business venture, Brandon explains this was one of his major reasons he returned to The Bahamas. The young entrepreneur said that though it was a struggle to put everything together, he couldn’t ignore the signs that affirmed this opportunity was for him. Indicating that he knew he was fighting for a long term gain that has a massive growth potential, he forfeited present luxuries and short term benefit to ensure this dream came to be.

“I went through every emotion due to the lack of progress, constant delays and frustrations with doing business, but also extremely discouraging when so many roadblocks/denials kept happening. Personal struggles, Hurricane Dorian, COVID-19 and inflation compounded this even more. But step by step, it all came together. Very sequentially as well.”

He encourages other entrepreneurs to not allow anything to stop you from going after something you truly believe in. Recounting one of the many heart shattering experiences he learnt was the world of inflation. He said that the only thing that separated this dream from reality was his will to not give up.