Young musicians shine at IGM music camp

Young musicians shine at IGM music camp
Roscoe Dames.

Ivory Global Management is providing young musicians the opportunity to sharpen their skills and embrace their inner talents.

The one-week camp was created 11 years ago by Roscoe Dames, who brought the initiative to the country. Dames said he was inspired by his love of music.

“I’ve always had an interest in children and music and mentorship,” Dames said.

“I had an opportunity to work in Washington D.C at the Washington Jazz Arts Institute with six Bahamian boys for five weeks.

“After working with Bahamians in D.C for two years, I decided to bring the instructors to The Bahamas to reach out to more students. Over the last 11 years, we have reached almost 500 students.”

The one on one training allows campers to achieve another level of musical development. The sessions cover improvisation, soloing, melody and harmony.

Joelle Barrett, a 10-year camp instructor said campers are divided into their respective categories based on their skills.

“The beginners would have their own little personal one on one training. Then we have the intermediates who will be learning routines on how to practice and different practice techniques,” Barrett said.

The camp also provides scholarships and awards for students to continue their musical education.

Dames said, “once they have proficiency in music and an interest in music, we invite them to attend.”

Anyone interested in seeing this talented group of young musicians perform are welcome to a free concert at St. Gregory’s Parish Hall at 6:00 p.m. on Friday.


This article was written by Eugene Stuart, Eyewitness News intern.