Yacht and marina industry hopeful for summer rebound

Yacht and marina industry hopeful for summer rebound
Joe Dargavage. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamian yachting and marina industry could rebound quickly if it is able capture just 80 per cent of the planned summer business a former Association of the Bahamas Marinas (ABM).

Joe Dargavage, general manager of Romora Bay Resort and Marina on Harbour Island told Eyewitness News, “The marina industry in The Bahamas for the first quarter was doing very well prior to the virus. We were about to go into two of our busiest months of the year which is March and April. Obviously like all other persons in the tourism sector this is going to be devastating to most importantly our Bahamian employees but also to the yachting clients who were really looking forward to spending time in The Bahamas. At this point in time hotels are still open. Obviously we are a hotel with a marina. We are doing ok but obviously any guests that were planning to be here in the future for the most part are canceling.”

Dargavage added, “On thing about the yachting industry as well as people that are yacht owners is they are very resilient. We have to look at this in a similar way to a hurricane. Being a business owner we have to hope that the summer months pan out to be very good for The Bahamas.”

According to Dargavage, summer 2020 was setting up to b a record breaking one for the marina industry. “It was looking to be a record breaking summer. Even if we could recoup 80 of what we though we would get this summer it could still be a very good summer. March and April are lost but looking to the summer months, if we can do 80 per cent of what we planned to do this summer, the marina and yachting industry would still do very well. We have to keep our fingers cross that this doesn’t go to much past 60 days.”