Wounded suspect caught hiding gun after shootout

Wounded suspect caught hiding gun after shootout

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A wounded man ran into a house and attempted to hide a gun following a shootout on Tuesday night.

The shooting took place on Ethel Street, Montel Heights around 10pm, according to police.

Responding to reports of the incident, officers observed a man running into a home in the area with an object in his hand.

The man attempted to stash the firearm behind the sink, according to police, who said officers recovered the weapon.

The silver and black.380 pistol had one round of ammunition.

.380 pistol

After inspecting the suspect, officers noticed he had been shot and was bleeding.

According to police, the man knew the shooter.

Police said a short while later on Robinson Road, officers stopped a woman, who was driving a man, also suffering from gunshot wounds, to hospital.

Both men were listed in stable condition in hospital, where they remain in police custody.

The motivation for the shooting remains unclear.

In January, Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson expressed concern with the number of illegal firearms on the streets of New Providence, and said shootings remain too high.

At the time, the commissioner said: “Serious intentional injuries continue to be a major concern and challenge to law enforcement and, by extension, our medical colleagues.

“There continues to be far too many illegal firearms in the hands of persons with criminal intent. We are aware of the many incidents of shootings resulting in death. Incidents of retaliation, drugs and relationships are some of the motives I’ve mentioned.”

Police have seized at least seven illegal firearms off the streets of New Providence in the last two weeks.

On Monday, an officer found a 9mm pistol with six rounds of ammunition in an area on Bimini Avenue, off Market Street, after a group of men scattered upon spotting police on patrol.

On Sunday, officers acting on information found an AR 15 rifle with a magazine and 18 rounds of ammunition in a graveyard on Spikenard Road, off Carmichael Road.

A Remington 870 shotgun was discovered in an abandoned vehicle on Lincoln Boulevard around 9 pm Saturday.

Crime statistics released earlier this year did not show how many non-fatal shootings occurred.

To date, police have seized 51 illegal firearms and more than 500 rounds of ammunition.


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