Works Minister: New bridge for Eleuthera


Glass Window severely impacted by treacherous waves

Minister of Works Desmond Bannister said yesterday that government will construct a new bridge in Eleuthera.

The news comes as the island experienced sever weather over the weekend and into the week that led to road damage and one casualty.

Bannister said an engineer form the Ministry is expected to conduct an assessment, although he did not give a specific timeline on such assessment.

In the interim, he cautioned residents to avoid the area until the weather subsides.

The bridge was closed due to severe weather which began in the island on Sunday. One man was swept away and is still missing at sea, while another sustained injury after he was thrown on rocks below the bride. A police officer was also injured during a rescue, police said.

Motorists are still being asked to avoid accessing the dilapidated bridge.

During an assessment yesterday, Member of Parliament for North Eleuthera Rickey Mackey said, the main focus is the safety of residents.

“We’ve already had one loss of life,” he said. “We do not need any additional.”

The rough seas have also caused severe flooding in areas surrounding the bridge, making some roads impassable.

“A river has literally developed some 25 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet deep that is running across from ocean side coming on to Caribbean side,” Mackey said.

“We want people to know it is still dangerous and we want people to know it is in their best interest not to attempt to cross this bridge.”

According to Mackey, as the bridge serves as a major thoroughfare for residents between North, Central and South Eleuthera, plans have been put in place particularly for those who commute to work.

“Some efforts are being made to reach hotel operators who have staff members that live south of bridge, that some form of compensation to offset additional cost being incurred by staff members,” he said.