Women’s conference to focus on the power of personal storytelling

Women’s conference to focus on the power of personal storytelling
Shem Neilly is giving back to the Bahamian community through storytelling with an affordable, extravagant women’s conference on Sunday June 4

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — In less than two weeks, women will gather for “Life’s Chapter Real Talk” at Margaritaville Beach Resort during an intimate conference under the theme #NoBreaksJustPowerHer. The event is being spearheaded by Exuma-native Shem Bodie Neilly, who says she is dedicated to inspiring women of all ages through the power of storytelling.

“When women step out into the world, many of us are only seen for our outward appearance. However, we all share something special, we all have a story. Our lives are made up of many chapters,” Neilly stated.

“Ladies With Chapters was cultivated from the humble upbringing of my life. I continue to challenge myself professionally and personally. I’ve pushed through many obstacles and was faced with many life adversities to be where I am today. Stories have strength and they too can concur and persevere,” Neilly added.

According to a press release the event will feature a keynote speaker, panel discussions, and opportunities for participants to ask questions and provide feedback. The event will be emceed by local talent Rika C.

“As a Bahamian woman, I know firsthand how our strength can be tested. We rarely have the opportunity to recharge, reset and pour into ourselves. Today, maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of resilience and willpower and I am happy to play a small role in helping to reenergize and reinvigorate women.”

Despite being based in Orlando, Florida, Neilly was determined to host the conference in The Bahamas. It will reportedly feature speakers from around the world, including Secily Wilson, Michelle Cadore, Whitney House, Rosena Duncanson, and Christina Burrows-Cleare.

Neilly stressed that the cost of the event will be “affordable” so as not to exclude those who may benefit from it the most; complimentary tickets have already been given out to women in the community, including senior students of Doris Johnson Senior High School.

Women over the age of 18, particularly those between 25 and 30 years old, interested in the Sunday, June 4 conference can purchase tickets by visiting LWC_NoBreaksJustPowerHer2023.eventbrite.com.