Woman stabbed to death outside of her home

Woman stabbed to death outside of her home

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- A woman was fatally stabbed outside of her home by a man known to her on Thursday evening, police said.

Her death brings the murder count to 80 for the year after a man succumbed to injuries sustained in a drive-by shooting earlier Thursday.

Officers were called to the residence on a street off Emmanuel shortly after 7pm.

Superintendent Shanta Knowles said: “What we know at this time is around that time this woman was at her residence when a male known to her came here. As a result of the conversation they had, she was injured and he left the scene.

Knowles said: “We have an idea of who we are looking for and officers are actively searching for him.”

It is believed other relatives were also in the home at the time of the incident, she said.

Two hours earlier in Fox Hill, a group of men were standing at Fig Street and Dorsett St when they were fired upon by the occupants of a Dodge truck.

Knowles said one injured man was transported to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Police are appealing for area residents in both matters to come forward with any information that may assist investigations.

Knowles said: “We are grateful always for the information that we get from members of the public, and we do know, and are confident, that the public will continue to assist us as we work to create safer communities.”