Woman killed in three-car collision

Woman killed in three-car collision
The scene of a three-car collision on Alexandria Boulevard and Taylor Street.

49 traffic fatalities for the year

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A woman in her mid-20s was killed in a three-car collision on Alexandria Boulevard and Taylor Street last night, according to authorities.

Superintendent Mareno Hinds said the officers responded to reports of a crash around 6.30 pm involving a Chevy Malibu, a white Nissan Serena taxi being driven by a man, and a Honda CRV occupied by a driver and a seven-month-old infant.

When Eyewitness News Online arrived on scene, the woman’s body, draped with a tarp, was laying on the ground next to her badly damaged 2004 Malibu.

She was the sole occupant.

Hinds said the drivers of the other vehicles were “shaken up” and taken to hospital, but had no serious injuries.

“As a result, responding officers found two vehicles facing south on Alexandria Boulevard and another vehicle right at the intersection,” Hinds said.

When asked about the cause of the crash, Hinds said as soon as police could definitively say, they would provide that information to the public.

He said: “Our re-constructionists are working the scene as we speak and our investigation is continuing.”

Hinds appealed for anyone who has information on the incident to contact police.

Dozens of onlookers gathered on the scene as officers canvassed the accident.

The victim, whose identity was not released, was eventually placed in a hearse.

Dorcas Rolle, a 15-year resident of Alexandria Street, said she heard a loud crash just outside her home.

Rolle said she outside with her husband and observed several people attempting to assist the drivers, including the victim.

She expressed concern about the number of incidents at the junction and said people often speed in the area, though she did not wish to speculate on last night’s incident.

Rolle also noted that she has complained about the need for a stop sign.

“The authority of Road Traffic I called many times; the Ministry of Works,” she said.

“There is no stop sign visible at this corner and this junction on both sides.

“I pleading, begging for authorities, the government to please put in [place] a stop sign and a visible sign for persons to see.

Rolle continued: “This is not the first time. I have been at this property for 15 years and actually for 14 years the stop sign was down. I tried to erect it, but no help from the Ministry of Works, so this is a poor area with persons speeding across and can’t see any visible signs, and accidents happen. Now it has come to a point where someone has lost their life.

“I thought someone had turned over, that how hard the impact was. I heard it. I’m so sorry I didn’t go out to assist because I am a certified CPR.

“…I am feeling sad for the young girl and her family that she lost her life at this point.”

When asked about the lack of a visible stop sign, Hinds said: “We are actively investigating this accident and in due course we are going to have a cause for the accident. However, it is too early to speculate as to the direct cause.”

Hinds was also asked whether concern was warranted about the number of accidents that had taken placed at the junction.

“This intersection does not have an uptick in accidents as far as our record indicate; however, there are accidents at this intersection, but nothing that is alarmingly concerning at this time,” Hinds said.

There have been 49 traffic fatalities for the year.

There were 69 traffic fatalities in 2018.