Woman found murdered off Cowpen Road

Woman found murdered off Cowpen Road

The body of a female believed to be that of a woman involved in a shooting incident on Saturday night, was found Sunday through a dirt road in bushes near Cowpen Road, west of Spikenard Road, police said.

According to police, the missing woman was sitting in a vehicle outside a home on Peach Street in Pastel Gardens when the male who was sitting in the rear seat produced a firearm and shot the female and male.

The male victim was able to escape from the vehicle, police said, and ran to a house for assistance. The suspect drove off in a brown Nissan Cube with the female who was  injured. The injured male was taken to hospital and is listed in serious but stable condition.

Meanwhile, the family of the missing woman launched a search early Sunday morning, which yielded no results. Family members came to the site where the body was found and were emotionally distraught as they feared the worst, yet they remained hopeful that the body found was not that of their loved one.

Police confirmed that the injuries on the body found was consistent with the reported injuries of the missing woman.

Press Liaison Officer Superintendent Shanta Knowles said the female’s body was found by a farmer labourer shortly after 6:00 p.m. and police were contacted.

Following initial police investigations, family friend Mandel Miller cautioned women to be careful of the company they keep.

“Be considerate of the people you invest your time with as trouble is easy to fall into,” Miller said.

The family of the missing woman is expected at the morgue at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) this morning to determine if the body belongs to their relative.