Woman finds boyfriend stabbed to death in bed

Woman finds boyfriend stabbed to death in bed

A woman who allegedly woke up on Tuesday to find her boyfriend stabbed to death and laying beside her in their bed is grappling with the loss of her love.

However, Eyewitness News understands that to the woman’s surprise, another man was reportedly in the room, and it was a man that she allegedly held a previous relationship with.

The incident unfolded in a dilapidated building in Okra Hill.

Audrey Seymour, a security officer at the Ministry of Agriculture said she got the shock of her life, after witnessing a woman running towards her, wearing no clothes, shaking and asking for help.

“I saw a lady running and she was bald naked,” Seymour explained.

“I went to assist her and she told me somebody had been stabbed and she was stabbed too, so I covered her in what I had.

“She said please help,” Seymour stated further, adding that she then called the police.

Seymour said the woman who was obviously rattled by what she had just experienced, suggested that the person who killed her boyfriend was actually an alleged former lover.

The woman claimed that the suspected killer allegedly went into her bedroom early Tuesday morning and stabbed the man she had been lying next to in bed. But she told Seymour that it wasn’t until hours later that she rolled over, only to discover the deadly attack.

According to police, the incident took place around 4:00 a.m., Tuesday, but the woman managed to make an escape from the alleged murderer only hours later.

The young woman was taken to the hospital to recover from multiple stab wounds, and the alleged killer was arrested.

“They caught him red-handed,” she said. “Somebody saw him passing with the knife in his hand and the police arrested him.”

Police said the victim and the alleged murderer are in their mid 20’s – early 30’s.

“We don’t know the motive for this latest homicide until we speak to the victim,” police said.

The City Lodge building has suffered numerous fires.

Superintendent of Police Solomon Cash said there is a concern of residents staying in the dilapidated building.

“There is a concern as you can see the state of it, and really humans should not be in this vicinity, more or less live in it,” Supt. Cash said, adding that the victim is not known to police, but a person of interest is in custody who is presently assisting police.