Woman dies in Long Island plane crash

Woman dies in Long Island plane crash
A plane crashed in thick bushes shortly after takeoff in Long Island on Sunday claiming the life of one passenger and injuring six others.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A plane crash in Long Island this morning has left one woman dead, Deputy Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander confirmed today.

The charter flight was heading from Long Island to New Providence.

Eyewitness News can confirm the victim is Alethia Newbold, a mother of a seven-month-old baby.

Alethia Newbold

According to police, seven people were on board a twin-engine aircraft that went down in bushes approximately two miles from Deadmans Cay Airport.

Supt Audley Peters said police have reportedly located the site using coordinates given and are assisting victims with evacuation for medical assistance with the assistance of US Coast Guard helicopters.

The flight included the pilot, Brad McPhee, and six women. 

Eyewitness News understands that the daughter of Works & Utilities Minister Alfred Sears was on the plane and has been taken to the clinic.

Authorities were forced to create a pathway through bushes with a tractor to get to the scene as a crowd of people swarmed the nearby area.

Photos quickly circulated on Facebook showing the badly damaged plane and disheveled survivors.

In a later statement, the Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) confirmed crashed 2 nautical miles from the Deadman’s Cay Airport shortly after take-off around 9am.

“Emergency Response was immediately initiated with efforts by the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Airport Authority, and United States Coast Guard,” the AAIA statement read.

“Upon further investigation, it has been determined that the aircraft was a PA-31- 310, US registration N711JW with seven Souls on Board, one pilot, six passengers.”

According to the statement, a team of investigators from both the AAIA and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Bahamas (CAA-B) have been dispatched to the scene.


Charter flight? How a charter flight gonna be N-registered, what is the name of the approved charter company? Or was it HACKING, the foolish mode of transport Bahamians use cluelessly putting their lives in the hands of pilots that are not current on latest commercial requirements, and aircraft that are not subjec to.commercial scrutiny. Straight up MANSLAUGHTER. Say “charter flight” yawl een serious.

McPhee is one of your most capable pilots and is commercially licensed so no shenanigans here.

Commercially licensed? What does a pilot license have to do with a license to conduct charter flights in this country? You are obviously clueless.

McPhee is the former president of the Bahamian Pilot’s Union. He’s been around for a long time. Time will tell why an “N” numbered aircraft was being operated in a charter but it may have been pending a registration change.

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