Woman alleges being roughed-up by police

Woman alleges being roughed-up by police

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Yesterday, Jenny-Mae Gilbert was still in pain while speaking to Eyewitness News as she alleged that she was manhandled by a police officer at the Freedom March on Wednesday.

Gilbert recalled that she was at the foot of the Sir Sidney Poitier Bridge with her sister watching the events when she was allegedly assaulted by an officer.

“I was thrown on the car and the officer took my two hands,” Gilbert alleged. “First, he grabbed me in my chest area throwing me around on the car exposing all of my breasts and I asked the lady to put my breasts in my clothes.

“He said you’re arrested. I was so helpless. On the way taking me to the car the officer said you are going to see what I’ll effing do to you. When he back me into the car he slapped me and the officers drove off with me.”

Gilbert described the turn of events at the Central Police Station as even worse.

“We went through the glass door [and] the officer who had me, he slammed me into a closed door. The door burst open and I fell on the inside of the station cuffed to the back. I asked the other officers to help me and he said let her stay on the floor, nobody move her,” Gilbert further alleged.

Gilbert said, however, that in the midst of her alleged mistreatment one female officer came to her rescue.

“Thank God there was a young police officer who took me off the floor. She was hesitant to pick me up but after a while she saw I couldn’t get up. She picked me up and I said I am so thankful to you for helping me.”

She added that another officer apologized to her for the turn of events and he told her that they are not all like that.

Gilbert said she filed an official complaint yesterday after visiting her doctor and at this point, all she is looking for is justice.

Up to press time last night, Eyewitness News placed calls to the Central Police Station for comment, but our efforts proved fruitless.