WOD on the Waves cruise docks in Nassau

WOD on the Waves cruise docks in Nassau

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The WOD on the Waves Cruise docked in Nassau yesterday and fitness enthusiasts on board the health-themed ship got a chance to work up a sweat at the Happy Hour CrossFit Box on East Bay Street.

The WOD Cruise is specifically designed to bring together fitness enthusiasts, health and wellness experts, and some of the world’s top athletes to celebrate the community on board Royal Caribbean International’s ‘Mariner of the Seas’.

WOD fitness coordinators Austin Malleolo and Conor Murphy said that The Bahamas is definitely a destination they plan on returning to in the near future.

“We were familiar with the people here at Happy Hour CrossFit and we just figured that it would be a cool stop for everyone to get out and experience some of The Bahamas,” Malleolo said. “So far, this has been the coolest stop on the tour. And, if Happy Hour welcomes us again, we’ll be back for sure.”

Murphy added: “This has been a great experience. I’m from Boston, so right now everyone I know is sending me photos of two inches of snow. So, for me, this has been a great experience. This also helps to build and strengthen the fitness community, as well as bring more exposure to the constantly growing Bahamian CrossFit community. We were thinking of coming back next year, but it may be even sooner. We may return sometime later this year.”

One of the instructors on this year’s cruise was five-time Reebok CrossFit Games athlete Chyna Cho.

“This was really a great experience for us. It really picked up this leg of the cruise,” she said. “Being able to workout outside with the breeze blowing in January is something I have to do again.”

Happy Hour CrossFit co-founder Mario Jordan said that events like this play a great role in raising awareness for the sport locally.

“It’s really great that they are able to come here and have a chance to workout at our facility,” Jordan said. “A lot of people don’t really know that this is an actual sport that can produce great benefits. We at Happy Hour are continuing to push the culture locally, and we look forward to seeing these guys again next year.”

The WOD Cruise takes place every January. Those seeking more information are asked to visit www.wodonthewaves.com.