Wilson to sue govt.

Wilson to sue govt.
Some of the staff at Bahamas Striping Group of Companies.

Former Financial Secretary Simon Wilson has filed court documents to sue the government for “unlawful action” taken against him and for reimbursement of monetary benefits held from him from a reported directed leave of absence.

According to documents filed in the Supreme Court, Wilson is seeking to be reinstated to his post as financial secretary, a post now held by Marlon Johnson.

Wilson is being accused of misconduct reportedly in relation to his alleged dealings with the Atillio Company, a Subsidiary of Bahamas Striping.

The audit report purported that Wilson owned Atillio Company and that he had signed off for government to rent from him – a claim that the principals of Atillio have vehemently denied.

In a statement released on Sunday Dominic Sturrup and Attario Mitchell claimed ownership of the company. They took exception to the report and questioned its motive.

The principals said that not only were they never contacted by the auditor general for clarity on this matter, but concluded that based on information the report may have been directed at Wilson and concerns impropriety while in that position.

According to court documents, Wilson claimed that he was approached by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to retire from his post. He expressed, however, that he had only served 27 years in the public service and would not receive full benefits. He was then reportedly propositioned to a post at the Central Bank which he accepted but claimed never came about and he was directed to take leave.

According to court documents during this time, Wilson claimed that Marlon Johnson was appointed as Financial Secretary with no official handover and he was never appointed to the position at the Central Bank.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Auditor General as well as Wilson’s Attorney for comment, but they were not available for comment up to press time.