Whistleblower shot during live stream

Whistleblower shot during live stream

*WARNING – some viewers may find this footage distressing, viewer discretion is advised*

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Eyewitness News has learnt that whistleblower Sylvens Metayor was shot during a live stream on Facebook Monday July 8, 2024, the shocking incident comes days after he released information which brought into question the credibility of a high ranking police official in an alleged bribery scandal.

Metayor released voice notes of a conversation, allegedly between the former head of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Criminal Investigation Department Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson and an accused gang leader Michael Fox Jr; the duo reportedly discussed a $100, 000 payment to Johnson for Fox’s immunity concerning an armed robbery matter.

Fox Jr. was reportedly questioned, alongside another male, with the robbery of an armored vehicle in 2023 where $1.4M was reportedly stolen.

Fox Jr., and his alleged accomplice, were both eventually ambushed and murdered in two separate shooting incidents; according to police.

Metayor, who resides in the United States of America (USA) reportedly received non life threatening injuries during last night’s attack.

Viewership of the live feed, where international law enforcement officers could be seen arriving at Metayor’s home as he attempted to stop the flow of blood from his wounds, peaked at around 1.3K viewers last night.

Some online viewers alleged that the incident could have been an organized hit on Metayor considering his aggressive push to uncover corruption within the RBPF.

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