Wells defends PM’s NYC trip

Wells defends PM’s NYC trip
Renward Wells, Minister of Transport and Local Government.

Minister of Transport and Local Government Renward Wells, on Monday, defended the Prime Minister’s recent trip to New York City for a United Nations Conference. He argued that the recent trip made by the Minnis administration was not made in vain, but was productive and could be accounted for.

“I can tell you that this was not some merry go lucky party,” Wells said.

“I went as Minister of Transport and Local Government, and every day my day was packed with bilateral meetings from various countries around the world.”

Wells’ comments came on the heels of stinging criticisms levied by Pineridge member of parliament, Frederick McAlpine, who recently claimed in the House of Assembly that the government was engaging in lavish trips, while at the same time complaining that the country remained in debt. Wells, however, noted that the government is accountable when it comes to travel.

“When we go and travel, there is always a report as to what we did or what we accomplish. We are about doing the business of the Bahamian people,” Wells said.

“Doing the business of the Bahamian people means you have to go [and travel] sometimes, you have to speak to other people, and if they are not willing to come here then we have to go there.

“We are purposed with our travel and we inform our bosses – the Bahamian people – why we went [overseas] and how we spent their money.”