“WE TRIED”: Minimal appetite for Gov’t assistance after shantytown blaze

“WE TRIED”: Minimal appetite for Gov’t assistance after shantytown blaze
An undated stock photo of a fire. (FILE)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Only one resident sought assistance from the government after a fire razed a shanty town of fifty people, according to Acting Deputy Director Lorraine Duvalier.

The resident told Duvalier that some victims found themselves still sleeping in the bush days after the fire. Officers acted on that information, however, they found no individuals on the property. The Acting Deputy Director added that the individual revealed that other members of the small community were waiting on documents from the Fire Department before seeking help.

“We have tried and did our best but if individuals refuse our help, there is nothing we can do,” Duvalier commented. She added that the ministry will remain open to those victims needing assistance.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Director of Immigration Rudolph Ferguson strongly advised victims who lost their homes during the fire in Garden hills to collect their legal documents urgently.

He said that like all misplaced legal documents, the recipient is responsible to report the incident to the proper authorities and purchase the replacement.

“We are mindful of the predicament they find themselves in,” Ferguson expressed.

Although the ministry is an industry of The Bahamas government, Ferguson was careful to note that it is not in their jurisdiction to state how the government will proceed if individuals are found without their legal documents.

In response to whether the victims would be given an extended time to purchase a copy of their documents from the ministry, he stated that it is up to the government to make that call.

After the fire, a resident told Eyewitness News that his working permit would expire on February 11. According to him, collecting his document would cost over $1000—funds that he lost during the fire. The event also irreparably damaged his vehicle which he used as a means to provide for his family. Despite this, he still remains hopeful for their future.

Although Ferguson was unauthorized to comment on the consequences of victims not having the necessary legal papers, he noted that the ministry must follow the laws of The Bahamas and execute its role and duties.


Don’t Lie about having documents ,any documents that came from the Bahamas we will have in on file and on the computer. And that will not cost you much to get a copy. So stop you don’t have papers all need to go back to Haiti. Simple as that .

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