LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need new banking options

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need new banking options

Dear editor,

Why is it that the same handful of Canadian banks continue to hold the Bahamian people hostage after all these years?

Why are these banks even operating in The Bahamas when they clearly don’t want to interact with or have anything to do with our citizens, and only serve customers grudgingly, as if they were doing us a favor?

One, or if you’re lucky maybe two tellers on duty, no matter how long the line is.

Everyone in the background seems to be always on lunch break.

No one is at the “Help” desk.

Replacement cards are never, ever ready on time.

It is near impossible to get a loan for anything.

It is totally impossible to talk to a real person in a timely fashion; laughable banking hours; terrible attitude and zero customer service.

All they want is for us to deposit our savings, so they can use our money to make their bosses in Canada rich, and then they are done with us.

And the worst part is, our own domestic banks have begun following this example, sliding into the same terrible, dismissive… practices — the same culture of disregard for regular customers.

I recently visited an American friend and got a glimpse of the totally different world that is banking in the United States.

It was a revelation!

I accompanied my friend to her branch, on a Saturday no less, and witnessed the prompt, helpful, courteous service with a smile that she enjoyed, just as any patron of any business should.

She was made to really feel like her patronage was valued, as did everyone else in the branch that day.

It truly was like day and night compared to The Bahamas.

According to my friend, this was nothing new or special.

It is how customers are regularly treated by banks in America.

Is there any good reason why we don’t have American banks in The Bahamas?

If there is no legal barrier, we should invite them all to come here post-haste.

We should roll out the red carpet for the American banks, and for any other international commercial bank that knows how to treat its customers with respect and dignity.

At the moment, we are stuck with terrible service because of a lack of choice, and the banks know it full and well.

They are no doubt laughing at us. But I would just love the see the faces of their executives when a bright, shiny Wells Fargo or Bank of America opens up in Nassau.

Ricky Johnson


Let’s keep in mind that it’s not the fact the bank is Canadian but that it’s in the Bahamas. I’ve been to many of these banks in Canada and they are run smoothly, with the same courteous customer service you experienced in America. It comes down to these being run and operated in the Bahamas where the management, who are Bahamian don’t care. I see the same issues at Super Value, 700, and Bank of Bahamas just the same.

I feel the same way and I think we need to invite the American Banks to open branches in the Bahamas, especially since the majority of our kids go to the USA for college and university there, this would make a smooth process for when we need to send them funds.

It’s a good idea to invite the banks but they still have to deal with the central bank of the Bahamas at the end of the day. That’s the main problem with moving money around here. As for customer service that is a Bahamian issue as you get the same treatment in any store or grocery store. You all treat each other badly and it shows. We can start a movement by just saying hello and how are you. Then maybe please and thank you for shopping with us. It might catch on like the saying “have a good one” you never know.

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