WAR: Supporters led by Lincoln Bain gives govt. ultimatum

WAR: Supporters led by Lincoln Bain gives govt. ultimatum
Lincoln Bain of Bahamian Evolution.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — More than 100 supporters led by Lincoln Bain of Bahamian Evolution occupied Rawson Square yesterday morning, demanding the government table in Parliament all leases for mining of natural resources, including aragonite, or there will be “war”.

”Today we came in peace; tomorrow war,” said Bain, flanked by supporters.

Bain continued: “For far too long we have been disadvantaged by people we trust, by people who we trusted.

“All of our former prime ministers, we trusted you. We loved you. We cared for you.

“Now, we want for you to care for us.

“Every leader in this country, no matter which party you are affiliated with, we put you there. Now, we want you to care for us. We want you to look out for us.

“It has come to our attention based on the investigation of Bahamian people that we have been left out; that a few people have benefited from what belongs to us.”

Bain and others insist the Bahamian people have been losing out on The Bahamas’ natural resources for far too long.

The activist said he possesses evidence of the same and has reported the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis arrived in Parliament Square after 10am he walked directly to the House of Assembly as the crowd watched on.

Around 30 minutes later, more than a dozen officers sought to disperse the crowd, insisting social distancing protocols were not being followed.

Organizers instructed supporters to spread out to ensure the “press conference” could continue.

Bain and other organizers spoke to the crowd for several more minutes before Centreville MP Reece Chipman attempted to address supporters.

However, officers closed in on the crowd, which had once again become densely packed.

As they did so, attorney Maria Daxon, who is involved with the group, pointed at nearby officers, and shouted: “My fellow Bahamians, listen. What’s going on? Dr Minnis send the crew out here to tell…”

Daxon was abruptly cut off as a female officer standing beside her, gripped her hand.

The officer advised the attorney: “You are insulting me.”

After a brief exchange, the matter ended without incident.

Chipman, who eventually addressed the crowd,

Bain called on Bahamians to “rise up and to stand together.”

He said Bahamian Evolution has partnered with several other groups, including Bahamas National Resources, the National Resources Foundation, the Enough Movement, leaders of the Rastafarian community, and a “team of attorneys”.

Bain, a former Pinewood candidate for the Democratic National Alliance in 2017, said the groups were not political or interested in politics.