Civil suits pending as W&SC audit is released soon; delinquent consumers must pay up

Civil suits pending as W&SC audit is released soon; delinquent consumers must pay up
Chairman of the Water & Sewerage Corporation, Adrian Gibson.

The Water & Sewerage Corporation (W&SC) will soon have its audit completed, the findings of which its management has said will be used to help revamp the government-ran utility company, while bringing its finances in order.

W&SC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson confirmed Monday that the audit has already revealed some shocking information, which management intends to address head-on.

“The audit report has highlighted areas where persons might have been negligent, or may have been underperforming; so you will see a number of civil suits being filed once the audit has been completed and released,” Gibson shared.

“With respect to management and its efficiency; we are addressing those issues as well.”

Gibson said while the company seeks to ensure it capitalizes on efficiency and accountability, it also intends to actively pursue those with overdue accounts, who collectively owe the company well into the millions.

“We mean that we will do what is necessary in order to collect the $45 million that is currently outstanding, this includes disconnecting, writing to customers and taking them to court,” he affirmed.

“All of those steps we are willing to take.

“In the coming weeks, teams will go throughout the islands in an effort to collect all of the monies currently in account receivables as well.”

The report by Ernst & Young (EY), which was tabled in the House of Assembly in March, revealed irregularities in a number of processes at the corporation, namely the tendering and procurement process.

In addition, it was discovered, among other things, that irregular payments were made to a company engaged in a contract with the corporation.

There had been no word yet on how much taxpayers will pay for the audit except, Gibson said, the cost is forthcoming.