Visa issuance to Haitian nationals suspended

Visa issuance to Haitian nationals suspended

Henfield: visa suspension has nothing to do with Haitian embassy investigation

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that due to current “technical and other challenges”, the issuance of visas to Haitian nationals has been suspended until further notice.

In a statement, the ministry said the suspension does not apply to nationals who are officials, diplomats or holders of a United States, United Kingdom, Canadian or Schengen visa.

“The ministry apologizes for any inconveniences caused to the travelling public,” read the statement.

When contacted, Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield said the visa suspension has nothing to do with the Haitian government’s investigation into concerns of corruption at its embassy in Nassau or the reported recalls and transfers of at least six diplomats since the Haitian commission of inquiry completed its investigation.

According to The Haiti Sentinel, which translated in English an original article by Le Nouvelliste on the recalls, Haitian Foreign Affairs Minister Bocchit Edmond told the Le Nouvelliste that the commission’s report revealed “unacceptable situations” at the embassy.

The commission completed its investigation earlier this month, according to international reports.

In an interview with reporters Tuesday, the minister said he had no other information other than “what’s already in the public domain that has been published in the newspapers in Haiti, and has also been published in our papers locally”.

He said he had hoped to speak with Edmond soon and relations between Haiti and The Bahamas remain strong.


Bahamaians seems hateful towards Haitians…when they’re all from the same country Africa….! ignorance runs deep in these little crime ridden islands yet they think they’re better than Haitians…so foolish

I was born and raised in the U.S but treated badly by the Bahamian police because I was of Haitian descent when I was on vacation and was told I need to leave as soon as the date on my plane ticket said to leave and not a day later.

On my fourth visit I witnessed a Haitian man being extorted by two police officers. So sad. Racism nationalism sexism xenophobic is running rampid people don’t understand that this is God’s green earth and they don’t have the right to kick people out of anywhere that are simply trying to work hard and feed their families.

Let’s face facts: Africa is a Continent with so many different countries and various differences among them. Same situation in all Continents on earth. Sudan, the largest country in Africa, not too long ago split in two. There had to be a reason for it.

Charmaine Charlie, for your info if it means anything to you,, Haiti has been welcomed into the African Union as an AFRICAN STATE. A fact which we are very proud of. We know who we are.

Truth. I hear what you said about us all been from Africa and you are right. More importantly we are all the true Hebrew Israel ABBA YAH choosing people. But we must remember not everyone read and study to know the truth. And yes I am a Bahamian my family is from Andros Stafford

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