Viewers shocked following prison documentary

Viewers shocked following prison documentary

After an exclusive documentary on The Bahamas Department of Corrections (BDOC) aired on Eyewitness News on Wednesday night,  shocked viewers voiced their concerns on Thursday, referring to the living conditions of prisoners as “disgraceful and inhumane”.

The two-hour “Sentenced to Suffer” documentary revealed that there are up to six persons tightly packed inside a small security cell with no beds and poor lighting. Inmates share one bucket to urine, defecate, and to spit in when brushing their teeth.

Julian Theophilus, a viewer of the documentary said, “even though it’s a prison, it should still have sanitary conditions, because innocent people go to jail until proven guilty, and you can catch tuberculosis, it’s unhealthy.”

Raheem Miller said, “I wouldn’t recommend them to use buckets to use the toilets, you can’t treat people less than they are, even though they are criminals.”

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Department of Corrections Maximum Security Unit was built to house only 200 inmates, but instead houses more than 1000.

Another viewer of last night’s documentary said while he sympathizes with the condition of inmates at the prison, he would not categorize the much-needed improvements as a priority.

“Upgrading the prison right now… I don’ think that is top priority because of the amount of money it would take to do that,” said Denez Jones. “It is a priority but I don’t think it’s a top priority right now.”

Kadesha Curry wrote on Facebook, “A job well done; and to the prisoners who were remorseful, sometimes life throws lemons at us, just make lemonade, God sees and knows your heart.”


Can yo please tell me where I can watch the entire special on prisons?? I live in Exuma and I do not have Flow TV of Cable 12. Thank you so much.

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