Verizon Media Group lends support to JA Bahamas to welcome past achievers back to the JA family

Verizon Media Group lends support to JA Bahamas to welcome past achievers back to the JA family

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — February marks National Junior Achievement Month, and in celebration, The Verizon Media Group (home of Eyewitness News and 103.5 The Beat) and JA Bahamas have joined forces to send a nationwide call for past Achievers to become a part of the prestigious, non-profit organization once again.  

Bashar Issacs, Junior Achievement Bahamas’ Alumni Council President, had this to say: “For the past several years we have been active.    Among our initiatives, we’ve hosted a webinar series that focused on the pillars of Junior Achievement: Career Development, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and College Readiness (for our newly minted Alum), mentorship to Achievers and highlighted the accomplishments of our Alum as they make their mark in the community. In 2023, with the formation of the Alum Council, we have ramped up our activities to include socials, networking events, JA Bahamas fundraisers, forums, and business and entrepreneurial showcases.”  

By signing up, Past Achievers from 1979 through to 2023 can showcase businesses, network, gain career development insights and provide mentorship to current Junior Achievers.

Alum will also have access to future activities (like the upcoming Summer Social) and will benefit from the close ties the Bahamian Alumni chapter has formed with JA Worldwide Alum groups for international events, seminars, webinars and funding opportunities.

“When we understood the initiatives the JA Bahamas Alumni featured as an extension of JA Bahamas, we wanted to provide media coverage at no cost to promote the benefits and encourage past Achievers to take advantage of all available.  We at The Verizon Media Group believe programs designed to provide our country’s business community with more tools and exposure are worthy of supporting,” said Byron McCartney, Director of Business Solutions. 

Interested Alumni are invited to sign up on by clicking the Alum tab.   

“I believe everyone knows that JA Bahamas is a non-profit youth organization and while our Alumni Association has been in the beginning stages of raising funds, those funds are primarily earmarked to support scholarships and programs for Achievers,” said Tammy Lecky, Executive Director of Junior Achievement Bahamas, thanking the Eyewitness News and 103 The Beat for their partnership.

“We don’t have media budgets to call upon and we are extremely grateful for the exposure provided on The Verizon Media Group multi-media platform.”

Past Achievers are also encouraged to follow the JA Bahamas Alumni social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Gather (the JA Worldwide Alum social media site).