VAXX PUSH: Super Value sets goal to vaccinate all employees within the next month

VAXX PUSH: Super Value sets goal to vaccinate all employees within the next month
Super Value.

Memo: Any employee that breaks quarantine will be fired

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Describing the number of COVID-19 related deaths and infections in the country as “scary and frightening”, Super Value’s principal Rupert Robert confirmed to Eyewitness News that the food store chain is hoping to have its 1,000 employees vaccinated by the end of September.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Roberts said: “It’s a work in progress. We put out a memo that said about 30 percent of our staff has been vaccinated. That’s a guesstimate right now.”

Roberts continued: “We’re doing this because we have to take whatever preventative measures we can to limit the spread of this virus. It’s the number of cases and deaths that are frightening. This thing is a serious health concern all over the world. It’s getting scary and we are just trying to take whatever measures we can.”

The mandate was contained in an all-staff memo dated August 26 from the company’s president Debra Symonette.

It read: “We are encouraging all staff to be vaccinated. There have been many so many more new cases and deaths, that the tourists have been advised not to travel to The Bahamas and Bahamians have been advised to be careful traveling abroad. There is a new Delta Plus variant that spreads 60 percent faster and is more contagious than the old Delta variant. In order to save your life, keep the economy going and avoid a permanent lockdown, all employees should get vaccinated immediately.”

The memo continued: “We estimate that less than 30 percent of our staff have been vaccinated and we have set an ambitious goal to have all staff take their first shot by the end of August and be completely vaccinated by the end of September. In the interest of your safety and the interest of the company, our customers and country, we expect your full cooperation. All employees that break quarantine will be dismissed. After September any employee that is not completely vaccinated will have to provide a negative test weekly.”

The country has recorded 381 COVID-related deaths, with 20 deaths under investigation. The country has recorded18,139 total cases and has nearly 3,000 active cases according to the Ministry of Health.


And yet these same employees showed up to work for the past 19months unvaccinated – during lockdowns and surges. No mass infections or deaths among those same emploees. Stores always open to thousands of people. And NOW they want to intimidate and ‘tax’ the same staff members who kept them open???? Shame……

Just as Generational Bahamian said ….And in a nation that says it is not mandatory to get vaccinated!! Time to boycott Super Value now!! Stop discriminating against your own citizens cause more than 70% of your customers are UNVACCINATED and our dollars hold the same value

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