Utility companies to face hefty fines for digging up roads

Utility companies to face hefty fines for digging up roads
Road paving being carried out on Willow Tree Avenue last month. (BIS photos/Raymond A Bethel, Sr.)

The Ministry of Works is considering fining utility companies up to $10,000 for digging up newly paved roads.

Works Director, Melanie Roach, said a recommendation has been made to the Attorney General’s Office to increase the current fine of $75.

Instead of just paving the small patch of road they dig up, utility companies will now be required to pave the entire lane – 50 feet before and 50 feet after the trench.

The considered fine hike comes as the Ministry of Works, through Bahamix, embarks on an extensive road works project throughout New Providence and the Family Islands.

According to Roach, some of the roads in New Providence, which are about to undergo the work include West Bay Street, from Blake Road to the roundabout at Old Fort Bay, Village and Soldier Roads, from Shirley Street to Baillou Hill Road and East Bay Street from the bridge to Montague.

Removal of the existing pavement and paving are set to begin on Farrington Road on Monday, March 5, between 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, for 10 working days. The resurfacing of Farrington Road will extend from the “six legged” roundabout to Boyd Road.

Motorists are advised to avoid Farrington Road while the road works are being carried out.