US TOO partners with BHCAWU for prostate cancer drive

US TOO partners with BHCAWU for prostate cancer drive

With an aim to significantly reduce the incidents and deaths from prostate cancer in the country, US TOO, a non-profit prostate cancer education and support network, has partnered with The Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union (BHCAWU) to screen at least 10,000 Bahamian men this year.

BHCAWU President, Darrin Woods told Eyewitness News he is encouraging all men to take advantage of the free testing.

“Prostate cancer is a silent killer, just like breast cancer for women and hypertension and diabetes,” said Woods.

“But the thing is with prostate cancer, there is no reason for men in today’s age – with what we have today – the testing that is available for them to die from this because early detection is key, you have to go get tested.

“Now with a lot of men, there is a phobia, with the exam. So we want to encourage not only our men but the women of these men, to ensure they are screened.”

Woods sais a lifestyle change can also reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

“We believe that a lifestyle change like your eating habits and working out can help. Because as far we are told there is no statistical data that links anything in particular to prostate cancer. So we believe that if your life a healthier lifestyle, you can live a longer life. So we are encouraging our members to take this seriously and we will be hosting healthy lifestyle workshops in the future,” he said.

The screenings will begin on September 18 at the Elizabeth Estates Clinic, then move to the Flamingo Gardens Clinic on the 20, South Beach Clinic on the 25thand finally Fleming Street Clinic on the 27.