US Embassy breaks ground on $318-million-dollar energy efficient facility

US Embassy breaks ground on $318-million-dollar energy efficient facility
Prime Minster Dr. Hubert A. Minnis

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis underscored the revitalization and further redevelopment of the City of Nassau as the US Embassy broke ground for a $318-million-dollar energy efficient facility.

Minnis said the US government’s decision to construct the new embassy in the capital evidenced the strength of the relationship between the two countries; and the American’s desire to be a part of the renewal of the historic city.

He said the United States is a major trading partner and close ally, with whom the nation held deep security ties.

Minnis thanked the US government, President Donald Trump and responding agencies, for ongoing assistance in the wake of deadly Hurricane Dorian.

“…the U.S. response to Hurricane Dorian is evidence that you are also a true friend,” Minnis added.

At peak construction for the new embassy, Minnis said 60 Bahamians will be employed for building at the five-acre site, which is scheduled for completion in spring 2023.

The new facility will be energy efficient, according to Minnis, who underscored a 50 per cent energy cost savings from strategies like LED lighting, solar-thermal hot water, and photovoltaic panels, in his remarks today.

“Other sustainable features include: low-water flush and flow fixtures, and a wastewater treatment system to treat

wastewater on-site, which will also provide 100 percent of landscaping irrigation,” Minnis said.

Minnis said his administration was committed to revitalization and redevelopment of the City of Nassau, adding the increased tourism revenue will play a vital role in the reconstruction of Abaco and Grand Bahama.

The goal is to make the capital one of the most dynamic cities in the Caribbean, but built for resilience, he said.

Minnis said: “This new embassy is part of the wider redevelopment and revitalization

of the City of Nassau into a vibrant, modern city.

Mninis noted projected works for the area: the new Central Bank to be constructed on the old Royal Victoria grounds, with the old building to be repurposed as a museum; the new Supreme Court complex to be built after the General Post office is demolished; the Pointe development and Global Ports Holding cruise port expansion.

He added the redevelopment of the Southern Recreation Grounds has also begun.

“In restoring the Southern Recreation Grounds, we are revitalizing the Bahamian spirit and our collective memory,” Minnis said.

“The City of Nassau is reemerging as a dynamic, vibrant city, celebrating and showcasing Bahamian heritage and history.”

Minnis also underscored the promotion of the Fish Fry, Junkanoo Beach, the Western Esplanade, Fort Charlotte, and other heritage sites in the City of Nassau.