Unique workshop to help students engage with digital technology and agriculture

Unique workshop to help students engage with digital technology and agriculture

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Sustainable Me is partnering with the Bahamas National Esports League (BNEL) and the Bahamas Esports Federation to bring the NASEF Farmcraft® 2024 competition to participating schools across The Bahamas. 

NASEF Farmcraft® 2024 is a unique competition hosted by the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF), the U.S Department of State, and American Space that aims to deepen students’ understanding of the impact of digital technology on agricultural productivity, promoting critical thinking and collaboration. 

Sustainable Me and BNEL are supporting nine students on three teams in New Providence, Grand Bahama, and Eleuthera. As a highlight of this collaboration, Sustainable Me is excited to announce a free workshop led by BNEL founder Geoff Pearce, a prominent figure in the local esports and gaming industry. Geoff will guide students through a ‘FARM-A-THON,’ an interactive session designed to offer a taste of the NASEF Farmcraft® 2024 experience. 

Ava Turnquest, co-director of Sustainable Me, said: “Our collaboration with the Bahamas National Esports League and Geoff is a testament to our commitment to transformative education. We believe that NASEF Farmcraft® 2024 aligns perfectly with our mission to engage students in real-world challenges.” 

She continued: “Beyond the competition, this experience is about teamwork, problem-solving, and real-world applications of knowledge. We’re so pleased that the participating schools seized this opportunity for their students to develop essential skills while exploring the fascinating realm of agriculture and technology.” 

The free ‘FARM-A-THON’ workshop was led by Geoff Pearce, founder of the Bahamas National Esports League, on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture offices. The event is part of a series of free workshops offered by Sustainable Me in the lead up to its 2024 summer program ‘Sustainable Studio’, and will run from 10am to 2 pm with lunch provided for registered participants. 

From an introduction to the world of Farmcraft® to interactive Minecraft coding challenges, participants will delve into the captivating intersection of digital technology and agriculture in an exciting fusion of gaming, coding, and digital sustainability. The workshop aims to inspire, educate, and provide hands-on experiences, making it an excellent opportunity for all students. Interested participants are encouraged to RSVP at www.sustainableme.org to confirm their spot.

BNEL Founder Geoff Pearce said: “Digital technology is transforming every industry, including agriculture. NASEF Farmcraft® provides students with an opportunity to engage with these transformative technologies and think critically about their role in sustainable practices.” 

Pearce added: “Our free workshop, the ‘FARM-A-THON,’ is a fantastic opportunity for students to engage with the Farmcraft program. While we currently have 9 students registered, we want to broaden participation. This workshop is an open invitation for more kids to discover, learn, and consider joining the Farmcraft experience.” 

In light of this collaboration, Michael Armogan, President and Co-founder of the Bahamas Esports Federation, stated: “This is a significant milestone for esports in The Bahamas. It exemplifies our commitment to not only fostering competitive gaming but also to leveraging esports as a tool for educational and personal growth. Through our partnership with NASEF, parent now to the United States Esports Federation, we’re elated to showcase how video games and esports are able to educate people through STEAM-based activities. We are excited about the potential of this competition to inspire innovation and teamwork among students, setting a new standard for the integration of esports and education.”