my complant is why senours have to wait on ther money they had all ready work for from paying one shilling and six pence why it was move from the first of the month to the middle of the month i am glad you all ask this quiston we want an anser we work all the hotels on west bay street and went over to all on the island we need our money on time you all did not offer you seoners a pack of sugas nor a tea bag in this pendimic we want you to know we make that job for you all the seanours you never call us onr day say come you call all of the working people what about us who made the way for all of you all and still we can get our money on the first of the month like it use to be most of these people work in thiis uinon for over forty thirty yease now we retired we cry shame on you all i want you all to know we the old people put u where u are to day i am going to speack out if know one dont speack out i am speacking for my self threwill be another time listen if you dont know we use to go to texie co union bulding toon wolf road to pay our dues idont if you all was born yet then we went to balford ave buiding then we came to that bulding you in to day my money buld and every one else in my age Mister Predence please see that our money come to the bank on time thank you

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